10 Almond Face packs and masks for skin whitening

almond face pack homemade for glow and fairnessHomemade almond face packs

Almond or badam in Hindi, is great for health and has several beauty benefits. Consumption of Almonds make the skin glowing flawless. We will be sharing homemade Almond face packs which help in skin whitening, making skin fair and also to remove the acne and pimple scars from the face. Almonds rejuvenate and nourish the dry skin deeply which is why almond face masks are also good to minimize the lines and wrinkles on the mature skin.

Here are 10 face packs with almonds for skin whitening and glow.

1. Almond face pack with milk for fairness

To prepare this face pack, soak 3-5 almond in milk at night and the next day crush them with milk to make a granular paste. Apply that paste on the face for 20 minutes or when it gets completely dry. Wash this with cold water. This is the best almond face pack to all skin types to get fair complexion and smooth skin.

2. Almond face pack with yogurt for scars

Take some almond and soak them in water at night. Crush them with some yoghurt and make paste. To crush the almond you can grind them. This will be easier. Apply this almond face pack evenly and let it get dry. When it gets dry rinse the face with plain water. This can be used by oily skin to remove the acne pimple marks from the face. This will also give glow on the face.

almond face pack homemade for glow3. Almond face pack with papaya for oily skin

Take a slice of papaya and mash it well. Take 4-5 almonds that you should soak in water at night so that they get soft by the morning. Now crush the almonds with water to get a paste and mix the papaya pulp in that. Mix and apply this almond face pack and wait for 20 minutes. Wash the face with cold water. This face pack is ideal for oily skin that needs fairness.

4. Almond and oatmeal face pack for dry skin

For this almond pack, you will need oatmeal and almond. Soak some almond at night and crush them to make a paste with milk. In that add some oatmeal and make a paste. Oatmeal are very nourishing that is why this pack is perfect or dry skin to heal the dryness on the face. Apply this on the face evenly and wash the face with cold water after 20 minutes. It will be slightly granular so will also scrub the peeling skin from the dry face. [ Almond benefits for skin ]

5. Banana Almond face pack for glow

This is a quick face pack with almonds for glowing skin that can be tried before going to a party or a function. Men too can try this pack. Soak almonds at night in water. Grind the almond to get a paste and add some mashed banana pulp. Apply this face pack with almond on the face. Wash with cold water after 15-20 minutes. Banana is good for dry skin.

6. Almond face pack with lemon juice for sun tan

Take some grinded almond paste which you will have to make with milk or rose water. Mix some lemon juice in it. Your face pack with almond and lemon is ready. Use that on the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash this with cold water. Lemon juice is good for removing sun tan from the face and also on the body.

7. Almond face pack with sandalwood for fairness

Grind some soaked almonds with milk and when you get a paste add the equal amount of sandalwood powder in it. If needed add some more milk. Use this face pack and let it dry thoroughly. Wash with tepid water. It is beneficial in making the skin light and skin whitening. This can be tried 3 times in a week for even the sensitive skin. [ Almond milk face pack for fairness ]

8. Aloe vera gel and Almond face pack

Take some grinded almond paste and add some aloe vera gel in it. Apply on the face and wash with tepid water. This is suitable for sensitive skin which needs fairness and removal for the scars on the face. This pack can be tried 3 times in a week. Almond will improve the skin complexion.

9. Almond face pack with orange peel powder

This almond face pack is good for skin scrubbing for a smooth radiant skin. Take some grind almond and mix orange peel powder in it in equal amount. Use some milk if you want to make the paste as it will be bit thicker. Apply this on the face and let it dry. Scrub this pack gently from the face and wash with normal water. This will boost the circulation and makes the skin glowing.

10. Almond ubtan pack with Besan, turmeric

This is an almond ubtan face pack for which you will need turmeric powder, besan or gram flour and almond paste. Take the grinded almond paste, around 1 teaspoonful and add 1 teaspoonful of besan and ΒΌ teaspoonful of turmeric powder. Make the paste with some milk. Apply on the face and let it dry. Wash with cold water. This will make the face glow, lighten skin complexion. It will fade the skin darkness and pimple marks.

So, try these easy almond face packs to get the beautiful skin and skin whitening.

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