10 Best Anti Dandruff Hair Oils in India

dandruff oils IndiaTop Best Anti Dandruff Hair oils in India

Do you know that dandruff is actually is a fungal scalp infection that makes the scalp’s skin to get dry and flaky. That dryness and flakiness causes constant itching and embarrassment. I have earlier shared some home treatments to get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp and there I wrote that oils are very good to treat dandruff. Herbals hair oils not only nourishes the dry itchy scalp but they also control the dandruff problem. Dandruff can be seen in kids, teenagers, men and women.There are no such criteria but hygiene is very important to keep the dandruff at bay. Here, I have compiled 10 best herbals hair oils for dandruff in India. These oils are made from herbal preparations and target the dandruff problem. The detail also mentions the price but as you know that the price can change over the time therefore, you can refer it but the change won’t be much though. Alright, so moving on with the herbals hair oils for dandruff treatment and elimination at Tips and Beauty.com Today. 🙂

Anti Dandruff Hair Oils available in India

1. Clear Nourishing Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

Hair oil for dandruff clearClear Anti-Dandruff Nourishing Hair Oil is non sticky and light hair oil that clears the dandruff instantly. Its dandruff fighting ingredients makes this oil work effectively along with the clear shampoo. Unlike most of the dandruff hair oils, it will not leave the hair dry and can be used at least twice a week for better results as per the brand. Clear Anti Dandruff Hair Oil is for 82 Rupees for 150 ml in India. See: How to cure hair loss due to dandruff

2. Sesa Herbal Anti Dandruff Therapy Hair Oil

Hair oil for dandruff sesaSesa Herbal Anti Dandruff Hair Oil is enriched 21 herbs and 12 essential oils that make this hair oil very efficient in controlling dandruff attack. It is non sticky and light with Neem oil which removes scalp infection. This Anti Dandruff Hair Oil is priced at 140 Rupees for 90 ml in India.

3. Khadi Anti Dandruff Balsam Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Hair oil for dandruff khadi Khadi Anti Dandruff Balsam Ayurvedic Hair Oil  is for everyone, men and women. It is enriched with lemon, mustard oil, sesame oil that helps clear dandruff from the scalp along with tea tree oil, camphor and fenugreek. As per the brand this Anti Dandruff Hair oil is paraben free and herbal preparation that controls dandruff with regular usage. Khadi Anti Dandruff Balsam Ayurvedic Hair Oil is priced at 287 Rupees for 210 ml in India.

4. Himalaya Anti Dandruff hair oil

Hair oil for dandruff HimalayaHimalaya Anti Dandruff hair oil contains tea tree oil, Rosemary oil, Neem and hyamaraka which fight dandruff. It is suitable for all skin types and for both males and females. This anti Dandruff Hair Oil is priced at 150 Rupees for 100 ml In India

5. Banjara Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

Hair oil for dandruff banjara Banjara Anti Dandruff Hair Oil has Copaibabalm, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E and Thyme oil. This Anti Dandruff hair oil is good for sensitive scalp and can be used by everyone to fight dandruff effectively.

6. Trichup Anti-dandruff Hair Oil

Hair oil for dandruff trichupTrichup Anti-dandruff Hair Oil has lemon and rosemary that controls the dandruff and reduces the scalp itching. Lemon and rosemary oil heals the scalp and removes fungal infection. This Anti Dandruff Hair Oil is for 100 Rupees for 100 ml.

7. DhatriAnti Dandruff Hair Oil

Hair oil for dandruff dhathriThis Anti Dandruff hair oil claims to remove dandruff by eliminating the scalp infection. This oil can be tried to massage the scalp 2 times a week for dandruff. It is priced at 150 Rupees for 75 ml In India.

8. Biotique Flame of The Forest Anti dandruff Hair Oil

Hair oil for dandruff BiotiqueBiotique Hair Oil is ideal to clear dandruff from the scalp as per the brand. It contains hibiscus flower extracts and flame of forest flowers. Apart from dandruff control this hair oil also fortifies the hair roots for stronger and healthier hair. It is priced at 300 Rupees for 240 ml. Smaller packs are also there for this anti dandruff hair oil in India.

9. Vatika Enriched Coconut hair Oil (Anti Dandruff)

Hair oil for dandruff vatikaVatika Enriched Coconut hair Oil provides nourishment to the hair with the unique balance of 8 powerful herbs that takes care of the hair problems like fair fall, dandruff etc. When applied regularly twice a week this hair oil gives effective dandruff control.

10. Ashwini Homeo Arnica hair oil for dandruff

Hair oil for dandruff ashwini homeoThis Anti Dandruff oil has a pure coconut oil as the base in which various powerful herbal ingredients are there. It contains Arnica that improves blood circulation stops hair fall and promotes hair growth. It also has Cantahris which has Anti-fungal properties due to which it prevents and cures dandruff. This Anti Dandruff Hair Oil is priced at 122 Rupees for 200 ml in India.

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