10 Top Best Fairness Face Wash in India with Price

10 Top Best Fairness Face Wash in India with Price

Best fairness face wash available in India.  Most of us tend to use fairness and skin whitening cream to get a lighter skin complexion. These creams can work well when used in conjunction with the corresponding fairness face wash. Yes, face wash can be the first step  in achieving glowing bright skin. Facial cleansers with whitening agents will help to make the skin white and fairer. It’s just that the ingredient in such face washes will help  to cure the tan, pigmentation etc hence the complexion gets lighter by a few shades. If not lighter then these fairness inducing face wash can at least make your skin tone look bright and not dull. So, if you’re looking for face wash with fairness ingredients then this list post will help you. Here, we have compiled a list of best fairness face wash.

10 Top Best Fairness Face Wash in India with Price

Here is this list of the best fairness facial cleanser brands in India. These are quite affordable so that people who are on budget or even teenager who are in college can also try such face washes.

1. Lakme Clean Up Fairness Face Wash

Lakme Clean Up Fairness Face awash

This product comes in a pink tube and has a refreshing smell. I used to like it a lot as it brings a bright glow but doesn’t make the skin dry or slimy. It contains glycerin and vita beads for visibly fairer skin. It can be used by the men and women who have got dry skin, normal skin and also for the sensitive skin type.


This Lakme fairness face wash cost rupees 40 for 20 grams tube.

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2. Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cleanser

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cleanser

This facial cleanser has vitamin C along with natural skin moisturizers which gives overall fairness and translucence to the skin. Vitamin C and essential soy in this face wash helps the skin stay softer and brighter. It is effective in increasing the one’s natural fairness hence one can sue this to amplify the fairness and lightening of the skin. By the way, this too is for dry to normal skin but oily skinned girls and boys will like it too.


You can get this face wash for 119 rupees.

3. Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Face Wash

Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Face Wash

As the name suggests this fairness facial wash is infused with the multi vitamin just like the creams. It ensures a brighter looking skin with no drying or stretchiness. The multivitamins are used a lot in skin care products and this face wash for brightness is for all the skin types. For oily skin, this works well and controls the oils for certain time. This is one of the most affordable and cheap skin whitening face wash.


Cost of this face wash in India is 50 rupees and 99 rupees for bigger pack.

4. Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Face Wash

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Face Wash

This fairness face wash claims to take off the dullness, dirt, skin impurities and traces of oil and sweat effectively. It also deep cleans the pores for a fresher and fairer looking skin complexion. This face wash can be tried along with the Lakme day cream and the whitening night cream from the same range. Using the entire range can give you quick results in enhancing the brightness and whitening of the skin. Moreover, the day cream and night cream will also give collaborated results.


It is available in a tube form and price is 120 rupees.

5. Garnier Fine Fairness Face wash

Garnier fine Fairness Face wash

Garnier light fairness inducing face wash is enriched with the vitamin C of lemon extracts and menthol which gives fairness and coolness to the skin. It deeply cleanses the facial skin with double power as it purifies and does skin whitening. The lemon extracts makes this an excellent everyday face wash for oily skin and fairness. people who have got oily cane prone skin will most of the times use face wash that prevents acne but the citric acid boost in this will help a lot for oily face.


This is priced at 75 Rupees for small pack. In fact, this face wash is available in a small pack of 20 rupees as well.

6. Garnier men Powerlight Intensive Fairness Face wash

Garnier men Powerlight Intensive Fairness Face wash

My brother used this and its cream moisturizer as well. Both the products were good for the men’s skin. This is for 99 rupees for small pack. This is a fairness face wash for men that remove skin’s impurities, sweat and oil. Other than that it also gets rid of the dark melanin cells as it is enriched with the grape water which is a potential antioxidant.


99 rupees

7. Pond’s Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam

Pond’s Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam

This fairness cleanser is a foam based cleanser hence not for the dry skin but good for the very oily skin especially in this hot sweaty summers season. This face wash contain Vitamin B3 complex which gives deep cleansing and unclogs the pores to make the skin look smooth. It gently exfoliates the dead skin layer for a lighter younger skin.


This is for 125 rupees for small tube.

8. Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Fairness Face Wash

Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Fairness Face Wash

This Himalaya fairness facial cleanser is a soap free cleanser which cleans the face effectively. It is enriched with mint and cucumber which soothes the skin and provides fairness by moisturizing and replenishes the skin. This face wash comes in a tube and costs rupees 60. There is one Kesar fairness face wash as well which is a good option as well. It is suitable for dry skin as well.


60 rupees

9. Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Whitening Facial Foam

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Whitening Facial Foam

This foaming face wash is a part of the whiteglow whitening range which also has a face masque, gel crème, micro emulsion etc. This is good for oily combination skin that needs deep cleansing and oil removal off the face. Lotus fairness face wash has milk enzymes, minerals and aloe vera gel that reduce the melanin formation for a brighter and fairer looking radiant complexion.


This is for 120 rupees.

10. Biotique White Advanced Fairness Face Wash

Biotique White Advanced Fairness Face Wash

Biotique products will have mostly the botanical extracts in them This brightening face wash too is enriched with the natural extracts of fruits like tomato, papaya, lemon, pineapple etc which gives a gentle exfoliation with their Alpha Hydroxy Acids this skin appears brighter and youthful.

Price: This fairness facial wash is for 55 rupees in India.

So, these were the fairness face washes available in India that you can choose and try.

How to protect fairness and complexion

Do you now that other than using the skin whitening and lightening face wash; you should also take some protective measures. Yes, these will help to keep the fairness and make the complexion glow.

Fair skin is needed by most of us to look beautiful. So, to maintain fair skin, try to use skin care products which are good for the skin type. Using some bleaching products which are harsh can actually play havoc to the skin and skin can get darker instead. Like there are some cheap quality products that you should be careful of.

Other than that use of sunscreen should be regular. You must use Sunblock when you go out. As this will prevent the complexion from getting dark under the rough sun rays that causes melanin increase.

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  1. Hii mam
    Man my skin becomes so dark so I want to lighten my skin.can u tell me the best skin whitening home pack.
    And mam which cream I use for whhitening my skin at home.??
    Plz mam suggest me

  2. Hi, You can use Lotus whiteglow brightening and whitening gel cream.

    For the fairer skin. the best remedy would be to with use tomato juice on the face then wash off after 30 minutes. Try this daily.

  3. hi mam,
    I have a fair skin tone, but it becomes ver reddish when i go outside of home. What will i do to have a glowish texture on my face???

  4. Mam ..my skin is dark .how to complex and lighten my skin .please suggest me which face wash ,and cream and sunscreen lotuin have to use ..plsss tell me mam ..plss suggest me mam .

  5. Hi Rekha,
    You can try using tomato juice on the face everyday and wash after 30 minutes. This has to be done daily in the evening time. You can also use sunscreen from Lotus herbals. Try garnier fairness face wash and Lotus herbals whiteglow gel cream.

  6. hi mam.. i having combined skin.. i am fair but dull.. will you suggest me which cream or gel will give glowing to my skin.. also suggest me face wash to my skin type..

  7. hi.. my skin looking dull and unhealthy ..can you ssuggest me which cream will give glowing to my skin.. soap making my skin dry and i am feeling very bad.. face wash for my oily combined skin plzzzzzz.

  8. hi mam,
    i have been using garnier neem face wash(both while bathing and eve)..for controlling oil in face ..(i have combi skin) …. but it totally dried out my skin even i was’nt able to look at my face.. dull and dry making me colourless…pls suggest me any good face wash..without much chemicals. 🙁

  9. You should use sunscreens Abir when you go out of home as they will protect the skin from sun damage.

  10. Hi Benazir,

    For dull complexion, you can use Lotus whiteglow brightening and whitening gel cream. This is ideal for normal skin.
    You can try Garnier fairness face wash.

  11. You can try Olay fairness cream. Try lakme clean up face wash. that is good.

  12. Hi Keerthi,

    I think either you take taking too much face wash or rubbing that for too long which is making the skin dry. My brother also does that many times. Anyways, you can sue Lakme clean up clear pores face wash.
    You can also try a toner after the face wash or just apply rose water using cotton ball. This will make the skin texture better.

  13. my face so oily n very bed looking for pimple dark please suggested me

  14. Hi Sehzad,

    Try using Himalaya neem face wash and Himalaya neem face pack 2 times in a week

  15. shikha srivastava

    good evening ma’am

    my eye on around dark circle and some distance on face to dark light black spot, have 3 year , but not any remove medicine and dermatologists my face treatment, pl z suggest which face wash and remove anti dark spot cream,

    thanking you

  16. Hi niesha,
    I have problem of acne scars I tried consulted many doctors and dermatologist but my acne scars didn’t reduce plz say solution for my acne scars.

  17. Hi niesha,
    I also have problem of oily skin plz tell me which isthe best face wash

  18. Hi Shikha,

    You can apply cucumber juice daily under the eyes to get rid of the darkness. Do this at night for best results.
    You can use Olay day whitening cream and garnier fairness face wash.

  19. Hi Vishnupriya,

    I also have to face scars left by acne and the best thing that I have found that work on scars is tomato juice. Tomato juice is not as harsh as lemon juice but works well. You can apply fresh tomato juice on the scars at night and wash in the morning. Hope this helps.

  20. Hi Vishnupriya,
    For oily skin, Lakme clean up clear pores face wash is quite good.

  21. Hi. My skin is not fair. It was fair when i was young . Know i am 21 and my skin is just getting darker . And i smoke too.I want to have a fair complexion. Can u suggest me something Plzzz

  22. hi mam my skin is soo darker ifeel very sad plz tell me which products I can used

  23. hi my skin is soooi darker I feel very lonely I can’t go marriage party my brother because my skin is dark plz suggest me which products can I used

  24. Hi Afzar,

    It is definitely the sun darkening. Use sunscreen when you go in the sun. You can try any men fairness cream as these creams at least remove the tanning.
    If you could do then I will suggest you to exfoliate the face 2 times in a week this will smoothen the skin and reveal fairer looking complexion.

  25. Hi Maninder, Use lotus whiteglow fairness cream and apply potato juice on the face and wash after 20 minutes. This helps in making the complexion brighter.

  26. Hi Maninder,

    I can understand the problem dear, but don’t be sad. It’s person’s inner beauty that shines. But still to improvise the complexion you can apply the treatment I shared above in the comment and also scrub the face 2 times in a week so that the skin glows.

  27. Can u suggest me any good suscreen??

  28. i have a dry skin but i have so many pimples in my face
    so plz sgst mam wht is the bst for me to remove pimples

  29. i have a dry skin but i have so many pimples in my face
    so plz sgst mam wht is the bst for me to remove pimples…

  30. hi,mam
    me 17year old my skin is very oily grow I want
    to lighten my skin.can u tell me the best
    skin whitening face wash and face scrub.
    And mam which cream I use for
    whhitening my skin at home.?

  31. Hai madam.. my skin iz dry n less oil skin too m looks brown n littele fair so i wanna to improve my colour whitenning c so tel me wch wash pack best for me

  32. Mam I hav a mix skin of dry and oily and I have uneven skin tone with blackheads and pimpls scars which face wash I used for smooth and glowing skin plz suggest

  33. Mam my skin is becoming dark i glow skin and i want a healtful nd shining skin what cn i do

  34. Please Suggest best sunscreen

  35. For clean and even skin tone which face wash is best suited