10 Top Best Skin Whitening Night Creams in India

Skin whitening night creams in india

Skin Whitening Night Cream in India. Do you wish to get skin whitening even while you sleep? Skin whitening can be achieved with face packs, face packs beauty products like skin lightening, whitening creams. One can try skin whitening packs/ creams for the day but when the night cream with the skin whitening properties are used then it enhances the fairness and the process gets faster. There are lots of fairness creams for both men and women. These skin creams or moisturizers are potential enough to provide the much needed boost to the skin so that the skin appears whiter and fairer. have you noticed when you try a range of products like a fairness skin care range and use all the products then you can get faster results.

Similarly, we use day creams to whiten the skin and for brightening. But when we use creams to whiten the skin at night then the entire process gets fast. We can also lighten those terrible dark spots, pimple marks and scars effectively while we sleep, it is beachwear night is the best time to give any treatment to the skin. 

10 Top Best Skin Whitening Night Creams Available in India with Prices

During the night time, the skin rejuvenates and therefore, the skin also gets brighter on its own. In today’s post, we have compiled this list of the best skin whitening night creams  which enhance the skin tone and complexion while you are taking that beauty sleep.

1. Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Crème

Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Creme for Daily Salon Boost

Skin whitening night cream from Lakme perfect radiance range claims to give radiance and fairer brighter skin tone. It contains Vitamin C and Niacinamide to enhance the skin complexion. This is ideal for all skin type as it is not oily or very dry. The texture of the cream is also not very thick but it is more of a cream of medium consistency. I like the smell and the way, that this is not extremely greasy on the skin.

Price: This is priced at 315 Rupees for 50g pack

2. Olay natural White All in one fairness Night Cream

olay natural white all in one fairness whitening night cream India

Olay skin whitening night cream has a light weight and non greasy texture thus, it is ideal for oily to normal skin. It contains vitamin B complex, Pro B 5, and vitamin E to nourish the skin and improve the skin complexion while you are sleeping comfortably. This cream is also capable enough to reduce the appearance of dark spots and marks on the face. Acne prone and oily skinned boys and girls can also care-freely use this night skin cream since I find the texture to be non oily and not extremely greasy like some of the night creams out there.

Price: Olay skin whitening night cream is priced at 340 rupees in India

3. Garnier skin Natural White Complete Night Cream

Garnier white complete whitening night cream India

This is fairness night cream with the best whitening ingredients like Vitamin C which gives the fairer skin complexion and flawless skin. You must know that skin needs vitamin C along with some other nutrients to rejuvenate itself and to increase the natural cell renewal rate. This increased cell renewal also helps to lighten those stubborn dark spots and acne scars. therefore,when the night cream is high in the vitamin C content then naturally the skin tone become lighter. the texture is slight on the thicker side like those of the pond’s cream but it is still suitable for all skin types. 

Price: Garnier skin whitening night cream is for 105 Rupees.

4. Za True White Night Cream

Za true white night cream india

Za whitening night cream works while we sleep. It gives high whitening effect by reducing the melanization, dark sports, blemish marks and patchiness of the skin for a clear skin and moisturizing effect. Za products are available in India online and in shops in the shopping malls. It has a light texture and very much like the intermediate between a serum and a skin cream. This can be suitable for every skin type as this is non oily thus, even the oily skinned people can try this cream. Furthermore, the non oily formula is still hydrating so, that those who are struggling with the dryness can also try it. This is on a bit expensive side as this is around 1000 bucks in India.

Price: 999 Rupees for 50g pack

5. Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Whitening and Brightening Night Cream

Lotus herbals white glow skin whitening night cream in india

Lotus herbals has got this entire full range of skin whitening and brightening thing. It has a face wash, serum,gel cream, mask and this night cream. So, you can try a day cream and the night cream to whiten the skin complexion from this range. The price too is quite on the affordable side even for the people on budget and college going students. What I like about this range is that this has the perfect texture which is not too oily, greasy or drying thick like the Fair & Lovely skin creams. Lotus Whiteglow night cream for skin whitening lightens, whitens and brightens the skin overnight when we are taking rest and sleeping. It reduces the uneven pigmentation and makes the skin fairer looking by reducing the dark spots and enhancing the texture.

Price: 325 rupees for 50ml, trial pack is also there

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6. Oriflame Optimal White Night Cream

Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream in India

This one is a whitening night cream from the Oriflame’s optimal white skin care range. It also has natural ingredients which help to make the skin white and brighter with regular application. It’s another variant is also available for oily skin which has a green packaging and lid. There are different variant for different skin types in this range of skin care products. therefore, while checking their catalogue, you should see that you buy the whitening cream or products as per the skin type.

Price: It is for 699 Rupees in India

7. Pond’s Flawless White Re-brightening Night Treatment

Pond's Flawless White Re-brightening Night Treatment

Pond’s makes so many skin whitening products that one can lost count. This Pond’s fairness night cream has the same provitamin B5 complex that every pond’s product have. This complex actually helps to lighten the dark skin, but it is also true that this  is going to take some time. This lightening cream is ideal for men and women and claims to nourish the skin at night. It mildly rejuvenate the skin and brighten up the face.

Price: It is for 549 Rupees in India.

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8. Vichy Bi-White Med Whitening Renewing Sleeping Cream

Vichy Bi-White Med Whitening Renewing Sleeping Cream

Vichy skin whitening night cream has a light weight non greasy texture which helps to enhance the skin complexion and texture. It has LA solution, natural ceramides, apricot kernels, macademia oil etc which helps to make skin fairer. The product is quite expensive but if you can shell that amount on your night creams then why not, Vichy is one of the most promising high end skin care brands.

Price: 50g pack is for 2100 Rupees.

9. L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Fairness Night Cream

L’Oreal paris White Perfect fairness night cream in India

L’Oeal Paris skin whitening night cream is suitable for enhancing the skin texture and tone. It gradually makes the skin tone brighter and fairer and also aids in removing the blemishes, marks and spots for a smoother skin. This night cream also prevents the skin pigmentation. Pigmentation is a very worried skin problem which can give you concerns, but a skin cream which can lighten the pigmentation is good enough. You can see the best anti pigmentation skin creams in India here.

Price: This is priced at 650 Rupees in India and is ideal for both men and women.

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10. VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Night Cream

VLCC snigndha whitening night cream

VLCC Snigdha whitening night face cream is for all skin types and is enriched with goodness of Liquorice, Wild Turmeric, extracts of Mulberry and Lemon Peel extracts. It is formulated to reduce blemishes and pigmentation. The tub pack is sturdy and easy to use but a little on the unhygenic side but most of the products in India are packed like this so what can we say. I guess a tube pack should have been better.

Price: Snigdha whitening night cream is for 405 Rupees for 50g pack

So, friends, these were the best night whitening creams available in Indian market that eon should try if they wish to get fair skin. They will help to revive the skin all night long and also gives you bright face when you wake up.

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  1. i am use the skin lite cream now i am use the whiting cream so plz best adviced me what cream best my skin because my skin is dark ..

  2. I have used Lotus skin lightening cream for this summer and it really worked for me.
    This blog has given the best brands of skin lightening, whitening, bleaching creams.

  3. I want to be fair. I have oily skin. Please suggest me a best cream for fairness. I am getting darkness day by day. Help me please.

  4. I have normal skin .which night cream will b helpful.

  5. Hey, my age is 20 . I want a night cream that can moisturise my skin deeply, i dnt want it work as anti aging cream so please suggest me that kind of cream that does not contain antiaging ingridients

  6. You can use Lotus herbals nutranite that is quite moisturizing and is more of a night cream without the anti aging ingredients.

  7. Dont use medicalcream like skin lite bz it spoils urr skin later bz thats corticosteroid. Wash face often if oily use herbalcreams drinkcarrot juice avoid sun.sleeplong time.dont keep worries in ur mind it spoils ur beauty

  8. I think you can try Garnier white complete night whitening cream.

  9. Hi Payal, You can try Lotus whitening and brightening gel cream. Also try using a sunscreen it will help you to prevent the skin darkening.

  10. Thank you!
    Lotus whitening and brightening gel cream is really good.

  11. I am using skn lite cream for last 3month now my are dark (hyperpigmentation) what can i do

  12. Hello Niesha

    Please advise what i can use to get rid of blackheads & whiteheads. My skin has uneven tone complexion, marks & pigmentation, which product is the best to whiten & brighten the skin without side effects. Also a sunscreen. Please assist me to glow my skin

  13. I have not used that cream so can’t say but to get rid of the darkness. You can use some besan and tomato juice face pack. Apply aloe vera gel which will sooth the skin. And do not go in the sun without sunscreen as the skin will get even darker.

  14. Hi Razia,

    You can try a rice flour and honey scrub. Try this in the evening 2 times in a week and this will soon clear off the whiteheads and blackheads. Take steaming once in a week for 5-6 minutes then scrub the face and apply a toner. Steaming will further clean up the pores so that the whiteheads can be reduced further.
    You can try a gel sunscreen like Lotus gel sunscreen if your skin is oily.

  15. Hello madem. now i am 18 years old girl i use panderm + cream about 3 months & i come to know that is not safe so please suggest me a skin whitning night cream for face neck & hands also which is safe & less cost. please……………….

  16. Hello .
    CAN You Tell me Which is the best Face Cream For Me my face is dark

  17. I think you can try Lotus brightening and whitening gel cream. I like that as this is not expensive and is a good cream for daily use for the face. For the body. Use vaseline healthy white as this has sunscreen and whitening properties which also removes sun tan.

  18. You can try either olay natural white night cream or the Lotus whiteglow night cream. They both are good.

  19. Hello
    I am 26 year old,day by day my skin is going dull and darkness.i am using lorial whitening night cream since 5 days.
    Plaese suggest day cream and is this cream usefull fir me according my skin.

  20. Hi Mam ,
    please suggest how to remove blackheads . i have many dark spot in my heads . i am using besan and haldi as scrab . but it not work. please suggest me how to remove it and also suggest me which fairness product is best as my skin is oily.

  21. Hi, I think the cream is okay since I like that cream. It is not heavy or too sticky in nature. You can try a face pack with papaya which will help your dull complexion.

  22. Hi Abhishek,

    I think you should try Garnier blackhead uprooting scrub as I have tried this and that is good.
    You can try using Lotus herbals Whiteglow gel cream for fairness.

  23. Can u give me ur any contact i need more advice 🙂 Please i Can’t comment again again

  24. Can u give me ur any contact i need more advice 🙂 Please i Can’t comment again again

  25. Hi, I used skin lite for 2 months and now I stopped it. I have dark circles and uneven tone.

    Please suggest day cream+ night cream which gives best results.

  26. priyanka Choudhury

    I am 27 yrs old. My complexion is weatish. Plz suggest me a night cream which can make my skin fairer & gives glow to my skin too.. Plz suggest.

  27. I have normal skin..but i have lot of black marks in my face..i was try lot of creams like ponds beauty , v co turmeric,fair and lovely but nothing is happen.. please refer me any working cream for my problem ..i am totally upset.

    thank you

  28. meri skin normal hai plz batao muje or fair karne ki liye kon se ceam use karni chahiye

  29. You can send your questions at [email protected]

  30. Hi Neha, You can use Lotus Whiteglow day and night cream.

  31. Hi Priyanka,

    You can try using Lotus whiteglow night cream I like that cream and this has non greasy texture.

  32. Hi Radhika,

    Most of the times creams are not that effective on marks and spots. So, you can apply some tomato juice daily on the face in evening then wash after 30 minutes. you will surely see good results. Then Continue applying your cream as you do. But this remedy is very easy and effective.

  33. You can use Olay fairness cream, Lotus whiteglow gel cream. they will suit you.

  34. Hi, mam i am 18 year old
    my skin is too oily and dark
    pls suggest me the best cream which can make my skin oilfree and brighter also spot free

  35. Hello,
    I am 30 year old married women, well my skin is sensitive n I use no creams on my face (Coz any creams brings pimples on my face). I am wheatish in complextion.I have slitly dry skin, T zone oily. Could yo pls suggest me the best cream /lotion /oil/gel to get back my glow n fairness

  36. Madam,my age is 22 and I’m facing serious problem of uneven skintone.especially, I have dark circles around my mouth,chin and eyes. My skin is a normal type but easily gets dull and dry.I want to try some herbal products with mostly lemon combination.so,please suggest me some best fairness cream.
    Thank you

  37. Ma’am I am 26 years old boy.My skin in quite oily one can you suggest me face wash,day cream and night cream.please…..

    Thank you

  38. Did your loreal Paris night cream give you results. Bcoz I have planned to buy it…

  39. Did your loreal Paris night cream give you results. Bcoz I have planned to buy it…

  40. Hi Saquib,

    You can try Nivea For men Dark spots fairness moisturiser for oily skin.

  41. Hi Nandini,

    Yours is a combination skin I guess. So, you can try using pore aloe vera gel on the face instead of a face cream and see if that suits you.
    For the, glow you can daily use honey on the face and was after 20 minutes. This will keep the pimples away since honey is very nourishing for dry skin and antibacterial.

  42. Hi Sra,

    You should use sunscreen when you go in the sun else the pigmentation around the mouth will become more problematic. Secondly for the remedies try applying a mixture of lemon juice and honey daily on the face. Keep that for 20 minutes then wash.

    You can use lotus herbals gel cream from whiteglow range.

  43. Hi Sumit,

    I too have oily skin and I like garnier Pure active foaming neem face wash.
    For the day time you can use Nivea for men fairness moisturizer and for the night time Lotus herbals whiteglow cream or Olay cream is good.

  44. My skin is combination skin.. I have a clear skin.. Am little dark.. Pls tel me a fairness night cream which suits my skin…

  45. Hi Sukanya,

    You can try Lotus Whiteglow night cream. I like it’s light texture which isn’t greasy.

  46. Hi Sukanya, that was good but it was more for the dry to normal skin types.

  47. But I had tried one of the product from lotus…It made my skin darker… So am scared to use that lotus Brand

  48. Mam , I already tried nivea men dark spot reduction fairness for oily skin including nivea men oil control facewash but this is nt much affective
    i wanna an affective treatment
    so plz plz plz
    sgst me the best

    nd thank u for ur kind coperation,

  49. Mam. I had a normal skin these many days but now days my nose is oily… And face too
    becomes kinda oily if I didn’t wash my face for a long time.. But not very oily.. So wat type of skin is mine…?? Will my skin come under normal skin or oily skin or combination skin…. Am confused to buy a product bcoz I don’t know my skin type…

  50. Hi saquib, Then you can try Garnier fairness moisturiser as my brother too likes that. I hope this work for you.

  51. hi Sukanya,
    You have oily skin where the T zone seems to be more oilier than the cheeks which is exactly my skin type. So you can choose skin care products as per oily to combination skin category.

  52. My friend is also having oil skin oily… But the products which give awesome result to her gives me worst results…

  53. It happens, everyone’s skin requirement can be different. You both must be having same skin type but what suits her may not suit you.


  55. Can you please tell me which night and day cream should o prefer for fairness and radiance .. i m 18 years old and have norml skin with moderate complxn

  56. Ma’am
    Plz tell me that which night n day cream should i prefer for radiance n fairness .. i m 18 years old n of modarate complaxn ..
    I m lill bit confused in btwn oriflame and lotus ..so plzz tell me what should i choose

  57. I want to be fair. I have oily skin. Please suggest me a best cream for fairness. I am getting darkness day by day.

  58. hi mam……. my question is about how to have a fair complexion permanently without side effects basically I m whitish complexion plz suggest anything best cream (if herbal ok) wann ask you about nisargalaya beauty products plz plz suggest me I feel without fair n beauty there is no success

  59. hi,mam I m 21 years old…I have normal skin…I m so dark..plz suggest me which cream I should use for fairing and glowing skin..

  60. Hi Pooja,

    I will suggest you to try lotus since I have used oriflame but liked lotus more.

  61. Hi Deepa,

    In that case, you can try Roop mantra skin cream that has all the herbal ingredients.
    I have not heard about those beauty products dear yet.
    No, there is nothing like that fair skin is only beautiful one should have the confidence but I do understand in India a lot of people will want fair skin.

  62. Hi Gouri,

    You can try wither Olay natural white day cream or Lotus white glow day cream.
    Hope that helps Good nite!!

  63. hi Niesha,
    Plz Tell me how to dark to white hand …

  64. hiii.. i have oily skin ..which night cream should i use?

  65. Hi,, can u plz suggest me which night cream is d best ..

  66. I like Olay, the best for my combination skin and Lotus is also good.

  67. You can try Lotus herbal whiteglow night cream or Lakme perfect radiance.

  68. Hi Khushal,

    You can apply a paste of lemon juice and honey everyday for 30 minutes. This will lighten the complexion by a couple of shades.