2 Face Packs for Instant Fairness for all skin types

Face packs for instant fairness

Homemade instant fairness face packs that can give Instant fairness are easy to do and their effects are long lasting than the skin creams and lotions. So, if you are wondering how to get instant fairness with face packs then we hope this post will be helpful for you. these packs makes the skin fair, takes the tanning and keeps the skin tone whiter than before. Skin care is important for fairer complexion but everything should not be pricey to get great results which is why these face packs are best to beautify the skin complexion naturally. Here are some face packs for instant fairness at home.

Instant Fairness Face packs at home for glowing fair skin

1. Banana Papaya face pack for instant fairness

Fruit face packs are highly beneficial in giving glowing skin quickly.

You will need:

  • One piece of papaya
  • One small piece of banana
  • Lemon Juice

How to prepare: Put the fruit pieces in a blender and blend them. Once you get a smooth pulp. Takeout the pulp in a small bowl and add ¼ teaspoonful of lemon juice. Mix all well with the fingers. Apply on the skin with circular movements. Let it dry and soak into the skin for 15 minutes. Wash the face with plain water and pat dry.

Benefits: This is a great face pack with papaya for instant glow because it has the goodness of the fruit enzymes like papain which lightens the skin, removes marks and dark spots. This fruit face mask is ideal for instant fairness as it also gently exfoliates the topmost skin layer. Moreover, this pack gives mild bleaching due to which skin looks fair. This face pack is suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin as it takes off the excess oils. 

2. Besan (Gram flour), Turmeric, Honey face pack for instant fairness

This next face pack for quick fairness easily at home can be prepared by the following ingredients without spending anything.

  • Besan known as gram flour
  • Turmeric
  • Honey
  • Lemon juice

Preparation: In a small bowl or a dish, take 2 teaspoonful of besan, one teaspoonful of honey, ¼ teaspoonful of turmeric powder and ½ teaspoonful of lemon juice. Take out the seeds from the lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients of this face pack thoroughly. Once the pack gets smoother and there are no lumps, using the clean fingers, apply this face pack on the face. Make sure that you apply in an even layer. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then wash the face with normal water. Instantly you will notice a smoother, glowing and fairer skin.

Benefits of this pack: This pack has besan which has proteins. Turmeric and lemon juice are natural skin whiteners and also acts as skin bleach. Honey will moisturize the face, does skin whitening and will add a glow. Honey also makes this face pack suitable for sensitive skin as well. But reduce the quantity if lemon juice when you have sensitive skin else proceed as instructed.

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  1. Can u suggest me an oatmeal facepack for my dry and sensitive skin…

  2. You can try oatmeal with some milk face pack which help to get rid of the dry flaky skin and makes skin tone clear.

  3. please suggest me how i make my skin fairness and glowing which is best formula for fairness..

  4. Preeti,the face packs mentioned above will definitely help you try them 3 times in a week. 🙂

  5. Nice to read
    Does it really work?
    m man I was fair n.nw ma color is tanned
    Will I get ma color back by doin dis

  6. Yes, it does as I do get tanned and these tips help me to get back the natural skin complexion. Hope it help you too!

  7. I’m 16 years old girl… I’ve combination medium skin.. I’ve pimples and marks too… And slight dark circles.. And white heads around nose.. Recently my skin looks more dull and dark.. Feels sticky… What can I do to look fairer and remove all these impurities??? Plz help me and suggest some easy packs…

  8. The best and easier remedy would be to apply tomato juice every day in the evening for 15 minutes then wash the face. At night use pure almond oil on dark circles. This will certainly help. Take steaming for 5- 7 minutes in a week and scrub twice in a week. I had whiteheads on my nose for 7-8 years and nothing helped but steaming and scrubbing worked like magic.

  9. I’m 17year old boy .i have very dark and dull black skin and have some dark marks which r from three months please suggest some remedies for it

  10. You can try applying a paste of besan milk and lemon juice. This will lighten the dark spots and marks. Try this daily. Apply the paste and wash after 10 minutes.

  11. shall I use any creams

  12. Yes, you can use any cream if your skin is not very oily and try the remedy mentioned above, you will surely see results.

  13. I m hvg wart in my face how to remove i m 35yrs old

  14. Hi Sheema, I can’t suggest anything without trying that myself so, I am not aware about it.

  15. Which one is more effective for instant fairness? Also, do they have any side effects?

  16. Second is is effective and easy to prepare since we can have all the ingredients easily at home. Do they do not have any side effects.

  17. Hey!! I m 15 yrs old.Once my skin was so oily.so,I nvr use any cream.But now it become very rough and dull.what can I do? Should I use any cream?

  18. You can scrub your face 2 times in a week which will smoothen the skin texture and apply papaya juice once in a week to further treat the dullness. You can try Lotus whiteglow gel cream which is good and also do use sunscreen when you go out in the sun.

  19. Hi I am 23 yrs old and i have an oily skin… My skin complexion was fair now its tanned. I use sunscreen, after applying sunscreen my face looks dull and oily. should I continue using sunscreen?

  20. You are using a sunscreen that is not as per your skin type. You should use gel sunscreen which will not make the skin oily, greasy or dull.
    Also to fade the sun tanning, you can apply some tomato juice everyday and wash after 30 minutes.

  21. Hi, I’m 21 years old. my skin was black complexion,and my skin was so dry. i have some white spot in my skin, so can i use second face pack for looking fair

  22. Yes, of course, you can that will also remove the blemishes and spots.