5 Best Patanjali Products for Hair Growth, Hair fall and Hair Loss

5 Best Patanjali products for hair growth, hair fall, hair loss

5 Best Patanjali products for hair growth: A lot of us with hair problems will try so many products. One such common desire is the hair growth. We wish to get hair growth to beat the hair thinning, hair fall and hair loss. Hair growth can be initiated by a variety of several herbs like amla, mustard, shikakai, reetha etc. Ayurvedic medicinal herbs will help to cure the hair fall and induce the hair growth. Hair can fall due to several reasons and one should also take adequate care of their diet and wellness of the body. At times not taking care of hair properly is also one of the causes of hair fall and hair loss in men and women. Patanjali also makes some of the best products which are natural and initiates the hair growth. So, here are the best Patanjali products for hair growth and hair fall prevention.

Top Best Patanjali Products for Hair Growth and Hair Loss with Reviews

1. PatanjaliAmla Hair Oil

amla 5 Best Patanjali products for hair growth, hair fall, hair loss

Amla is considered as one of the most effective natural herb to make the hair grow longer and stronger.  In fact when it comes to hair growth then too amla is best remedy for hair growth naturally. This Patanjali amla hair oil is rich in pure amla extracts that makes the hair grow longer.

Price: This Patanjali hair growth product for men and women is for 40 rupees for the small 100 ml bottle.

2. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Shampoo

shampoo 5 Best Patanjali products for hair growth, hair fall, hair loss

Another Patanjali product that is good for the hair growth is shikakai. Shikakai is rich in minerals, vitamins and extracts that help in the hair growth and thickness. You many have seen that shikakai is used in many hair growth shampoos, hair growth oils etc. This Patanjali Kesh Kanti shikakai shampoo is good for hair growth and in hair fall.

Price: This hair growth shikakai shampoo costs 95 rupees for 200 ml.

3. Patanjali Almond Hair Oil

almond oil 5 Best Patanjali products for hair growth, hair fall, hair loss

Almond is rich in vitamin E and minerals that helps in boost the hair growth hence this is essential oil that can be used for people who wish to have hair growth. Once a week or twice a week massaging will help to get rid of the hair woes and hair related problems. This hair growth oil will also give proper condition to the dry dull brittle hair.

Price: This Patanjali almond oil is for 50 rupees.

4. Patanjali Hair Conditioner With Protein

conditioner 5 Best Patanjali products for hair growth, hair fall, hair loss

Hair conditioning is also important if you wish to have great looking hair. Moreover, for hair that is dry, rough and lifeless, hair conditioning is important for hair growth. This hair conditioner from Patanjali is with proteins which are essential for hair growth. Just apply this hair conditioner after washing the hair. Let this work for 2-5 minutes then wash off with clear water.This is rich in aloe vera, Triticum sativum, Prunus amygdalus, Eclipta alba, vitamin E, Silicon quantemium, Soya peptide, Milk protein, Chick pea extract, Permitter colour and Sugandhit Dravya.

Price: This is for 60 rupees for 100 g pack.

5. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural Shampoo

kesh 5 Best Patanjali products for hair growth, hair fall, hair loss

This hair cleanser shampoo helps treating dryness, hair fall and dandruff. This has the bhringraj, mehendi, shikakai, amla, aloe vera, neem etc that also induces the hair growth in men and women.

Price: This is for 80 rupees for 200 ml pack.

So. these are the best Patanjali Hair care products that target for hair growth and reduction of hair fall. 

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  1. Almond. Hair oil iam using from 2 months no control & kesh Kanto anti dandruff

  2. Iam using Patanjali products from 2 months almond oil with anti dandruff shampoo

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