5 Homemade Potato Face Packs for clear fair skin, dark spots

homemade potato face packsFace packs with potato for fair clear skin

Potato is the most common food item across the world but here we will talk about the beauty benefits of potatoes or I should say some potato face packs. Potatoes have the properties to lighten the darkness and due to this very feature, it is used to lighten the complexion, remove dark circles, fade away the dark spots and pimple marks from the face and also to get rid of the elbow and neck darkness. Here are several ways potatoes are helpful for enhancing the beauty of the skin. Read on to know about some homemade potato face  masks and packs that you can try making at home.

1. Potato face pack with coconut milk for fairness

Take some coconut milk and add same amount of potato juice. Clean the face and use this to massage the face gently. After massaging for 2- 3 minutes, leave it and let it try. Rinse it off with normal water. This treatment should be done 2-3 times in a week to notice good results.

2. Honey, strawberry and potato face pack

Put some small pieces of strawberry and potato in a blender and make a pulpy paste. Add some honey and mix it well. Apply this on the face and let it dry for 10- 15 minutes wash off to notice a clearer, brighter complexion. Read: Honey face packs

3. Potato and tomato juice pack for acne marks

potato and tomato face packTomato juice has lycopene which fades the marks. Potato too has the capacity to lighten the darkness. Mix both the juices and dab on the acne marks. Keep it overnight for better and fast results. Wash in the morning. Mild itching and redness is normal with potato.

4. Potato, lime juice and rose water for light skin tone

Take some grated potato. Add 3-4 drops of lime juice and ¼ teaspoonful of milk powder. The potato juice in the grated potato pulp will be enough to mix all the three ingredients thoroughly. Apply this pack on the clean face and neck and leave it to get dried fully. Once it does. Remove with water by rinsing it off.

5. Potato and cucumber juice remedy for dark circles

Potato and cucumber juice are both potential dark circle lighteners. Mix some potato juice and cucumber juice. Apply everyday at night under the eyes and over the eyelids if they are dark too. This quick and easy remedy for dark circles will make the darkness vanish. Eyes will be brighter and more awake looking.

Potato face packs are wonderful but potatoes can make the skin red temporarily and itching is also experienced. Therefore, these are not suitable for sensitive skin for the face though its juice diluted with some rose water or cucumber juice can be used under the eyes or for the neck and elbows. Cucumber face packs are better for sensitive skin or dry skin.

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  1. Hi,I have sensitive skin and also kind of oily pimple prone skin which is coming and leaving it’s scars…will you please suggest me what kind of face pack will be suitable in my skin tone for daily basis and also can I use cucumber potato juice for my dark circles over the night?

  2. Hi Baishali,

    You can try sandalwood with rose water face pack or turmeric and gram flour face pack for the sensitive skin. And for the dark circles, potato juice will work great. take a thin potato slice and rub on the dark circles and pimples marks at night. This is the easiest and most effective remedy.

  3. Hi! i just stumbled upon your bog and found interesting info.. also read a lot of remedies for detanning.. but i want to ask you.. i have very deep seated tan on my arms and feet that refuses to go away despite my best efforts with all the remedies mentioned above. they only seem to work on fresh tan. Is there any good powerful remedy i can use frequently to get rid of it? one recipe that works the best out of so many?? Thanks!!

  4. I know most of these remedies wok on the fresh tan. Let me tell you one remedy that helped me remove my tan that had been on my feet for years. I used bleach cream and it worked the best. I hope it helps you too. Just try once.
    Use it once in a week and soon it will be lightened then you can try the other remedies stated above.

  5. Hello ma’am myself Saurabhi am 18 yes old and m a clg gng stdnt.MY clg timing is 1pm and at that tym its very hot outside till I reach my clg my hands almost gets tanned to the fullest before my hands were fair, I tried using lemon juice bt no good rslt found plz suggest me some natural remedies which will give me a better rslt in a month or two plzzz and wht to do to control futhere tanning. Thank You….

  6. Hi Saurabh,

    You should use sunscreen daily as the darkening on the skin is due to sun’s UV rays.
    You can apply tomato juice everyday in the evening and wash after 1 hour. This will fade the tanning but do use sunscreen daily as this will prevent any further darkening of your skin.

  7. Thank you…..
    Can you suggest a gud sunscreen lotion which vil be helpful

  8. Try Lotus gel sunscreen with SPF 20. that is good.