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    I am facing problem on my oily skin on my face…so for that i have tried lots of product like e.g: facewash for men,garnier for men n all.But then also i dont get any positive response for my face.But one day my friend told me that just once try the patanjali product for face it will give you the positive response to your face…..so at that time i went to your shop and buy the patanjali product for my face and that shopkeeper gave me four product for face 1:facewash,2:gel,3:sun screen,4:cream. and i am using this all product from last 5 days.

    so my question is that whether it will works?
    whether it will give me the positive response?
    whether my face will get glow n beauty?
    and how many days it will take to get the positive response for my face?

  2. hie,
    i am suffering from pimples problem from 2 years.. i tried so many costly product bt it doesn’t work..can you please tel me which product is the best…..

  3. Milton Mascarenhas


    We would like to Advertise on your website, we have a really good requirement, request you to reply back at the earliest.

  4. Hii
    I read that your younger brother is using UB-Fair cream.its been one year I keen to know that it’s really works or have Any side effects.
    like increase in pimple, marks, and darkness.
    pls reply to it.

  5. Thanks for your Ginger & Coconut Oil Article article; I wanted to know that after cooling down the oil (with grated ginger mixed); Only Oil should be kept in bottle or with the ginger also? ; the ginger has turned to red and crispy.
    One more thing; after applying this oil Overnight; will it be good if I wash it with Head & shoulders or Pantene Shampoo?

    Waitin for ur reply; madam

  6. hi my name is mohamed
    i have white hair problems . now my age 33. white hair problem started from age 24. that time is small now is increased two side of my ears . please advise me for solving this problem

  7. Hello dear, I am Bunla come from Cambodia i am interested form care face your country( India). I need to order more for make business distribution here. I want to know how to contact more information with industry about face care product that you posted on your bloc. If any your concern please let me know via my email: [email protected].


    Best regarding

    CHOUN Bunla : Business Distributor

  8. Mrs. Shubhangi Shikkenawis .

    Dear Madam / Sir – Greetings . I am Mrs. Shubhangi Shikkenawis from Indore(MP) India . I would like to start Indulekha bringha hair oil Agency in Indore.Please convey procedure .Thanking you . Regards.

  9. Please i have a girl that is 3years and her hair is not growing ..have some what I can do but the hair drop always…wat should I use ..And how can I order it .please help me

  10. Hello I need something for my girl for her hair to grow .3years and 1year

  11. hello madam,i have large open pores on my face and also i am suffering from pustules and papules problem on my face specially on cheeks.plz suggest me any best treatment for my problems

  12. Hi Prince, Do try Clindamycin phosphate gel at night.

  13. abhishek kumar meena

    Hii, this is abhishek actually i would like to know the solution of my problem related skin. i have darker skin, oily skin, before 2 year i have many pimples on my face after treatment those pimples rub out . during,pimples treatment i used clnidamycin gel for 12 months. and now i have no pimples but my skin is darker and oily..i was fair at childhood but now i not so plz give me appropriate solution in form home remedy and cream which help mee to come out frm this problem….plz give me cream

  14. abhishek kumar meena

    my small brother have too pimples and he also darker…which cream is good to rub out pimples and pimples marks and tablets to come out frm this problem…plz help mee madam

  15. Hi Niesha,

    Im writing to you on behalf Sri SRi Tattva, Sri Sri Ravishankar’s AYurveda brand. For more information do visit http://www.srisritattva.com

    If we send you products from our brand would you be open to reviewing them?

    Do write back to me.

  16. Yes, sure you can send us the products for review.

  17. Hello Niesha
    I am representing website https://perfumeaddiction.com/
    we want you to review some perfumes from our website… kindly provide me your email id so we can discuss it


  18. Hi Avni,

    You can contact me for the same on [email protected]

  19. Hii Niesha

    my problem is my face pigmation from last 4 year i am using sunscreen lotion lots of various type of skin lotion etc but that time is kk but not clear & give me permanaetly solve of that give suggestion what should i use for that

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