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Best Egg Remedies for Hair fall and Hair Regrowth

Best Egg Remedies for Hair fall and Hair Regrowth

Hi everyone! Hair fall, hair loss is something which can leave us stressed. This is because that our hair is one of our best accessories that beautifies our face. But due to certain reasons hair would fall and we would loos too many hair strands. Some hair fall is very normal like 50-70 strands in a day but if that amount exceeds that that may be troublesome. You may have heard about various hair fall remedies like the remedies with the natural products like amla, triphala, bhringraj etc but here is another remedy that is equally good for the hair fall. This natural product is egg. Yes, egg is one of the best ingredients to treat you hair fall. When you do hair remedies for hair fall with egg that will help you get the natural strength and also gives sufficient relief in the hair fall. So, let’s see what are these egg remedies for hair fall.

Best Egg Remedies for Hair fall and Hair Regrowth

Benefits of using eggs in the hair fall

You may know that eggs are high in proteins. They are also high in vitamins like A, B complex, Vitamin E etc. Not only are that eggs rich in the mineral sulphur which helps to stimulate the eruptions of new hair follicles. Minerals like zinc, selenium, iron, phosphorus etc are also high in eggs thus all these will result in the hair fall control and good hair growth. The minerals, vitamins etc are very important for hair growth this is why doctors will advise us to take ample amount of proteins and green leafy veggies when we are experiencing the hair fall, hair loss and hair brittleness.

Vitamin E in the eggs will help you get the smoothness so that the hair don’t break due to roughness and brittleness. Moreover, Vitamin B7 which is known as Biotin is also essential for the stronger hair roots and hair regrowth. So, if you wish to have healthy and stronger hair then do include eggs in your diet. This will also show good results in your skin as well.

Now, moving on to the remedies and recipes, which can be done with eggs to get hair fall under control.

Hair treatment with Egg: Recipes and remedies

Here are some of the best ways you can use egg to combat the hair fall and hair loss. Let’s have a look.

1. Egg and yogurt hair mask for hair loss, hair fall

Yoghurt is great for the hair fall and hair smoothening. Egg gives strength and through nourishment to the hair. Here is the easy procedure.

Best Egg Remedies for Hair fall and Hair Regrowth YOGHURT

How to make?

You have to take 2-3 teaspoonful of yoghurt in a bowl and then break open an egg.

Now, mix everything well with a fork since fork works better to mix up rather than the spoon.

Apply this egg hair mask on the hair and scalp then leave for 50 minutes and wash off.

2. Olive oil and Egg for hair

Olive oil is great to stimulate the dormant follicles and makes the new hair arise. So, this quick remedy is useful in making the hair get longer and also get stronger. This is rich in proteins and olive oil’s nourishment. So, applying this once in a week will fetch you good results. While you massage your hair with this, you will see results in 3-4 weeks. Yes, it takes times folks. Read: Best olive oil brands in India

Olive oil and Egg for hair

Steps and procedure:

Take an egg and break it. Take the contents of the eggs in a bowl and then add 2-3 teaspoonful of olive oil in it.

Now, you need to mix these two products well and then apply on the hair.

It will smell, so, if you cannot bear the smell then you can only add the white part of the egg in this remedy.

Massage on the scalp and be gentle. Leave for 50-60 minutes then wash with normal or cold water.

3. Egg yolk and honey hair mask for hair fall

This is a hair mask with egg that works well on the hair that is falling and has gotten weak due to stress, and using the chemical loaded products.

Steps and how to make?

Take one or two egg yolk. It actually depends on the hair length or if you just wish to apply this mask only on the hair roots and scalp. So, in that egg yolk you need to add 2-3 teaspoonful of pure honey.

Mix then well with a whisker, if you do not have that, use a fork or spoon.

Apply this nutrient rich hair mask on the hair and leave for 60 minutes. Then wash with clear normal water.

4. Egg and lemon juice mask

Egg is wonderful in controlling the hair fall and stimulating the growth of new hair.  This is one of the best egg remedies that will also prevent in the thinning of the hair strands. Not only that lemon juice will also cure the dullness and lack luster hair.

egg and lemon juice mask for hair fall

Procedure and methods:

Take an egg and break this in a bowl. Then you need to add 3-4 teaspoonful of lemon juice on the hair. Then mix this two well. If possible add some honey as well in this so that the efficiency of the hair mask increases. Now whisk it and apply in the hair and hair roots and lengths.

How to use or put egg on hair?

Now if you are wondering, how you can use egg on the hair then we will be telling you simple tips on these. Just take an egg and break open it and take out the contents in a bowl. Then you need to section the hair and taking some on the finger tips apply on the hair.

Apply on the scalp and roots all over the hair first. Then whatever is left apply that on the hair strands. If you feel that egg is getting lesser, break open one more. If another egg is not available then use some lemon juice to dilute or use some honey and milk in the egg.

We have shared above the egg remedies for hair fall that you can try. The application procedure is the same. Lastly, tie you hair in a bun and put a clip to keep the hair in place.

Take a wet cloth and wipe off any egg residue on your ears, neck etc. lemon juice decreases the egg smell hence lemon is good to add in the egg remedies.

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