Body Care

Body care refers to the caring for the body skin and maintaining a beautiful body

10 Best Coconut Body Wash and Shower Gels in India

List of Top Coconut Body Wash and Shower Gels in India Coconuts have skin healing properties and when the skin is dry then coconut can help give you  smoother skin. The body wash is the first thing that we use in the morning. Using a moisturizing body wash can help to make the skin nourished and smoother. You can win ...

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12 Best Anti-Stretch Marks Creams and Products in India

Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams and Oils available in India Are you struggling to get rid of the stretch marks? Then surely you’ll be searching for a good product to remove stretch marks, and then you must seek the creams to remove the stretch marks. Stretch marks are generally seen during and after the pregnancy and due to sudden weight ...

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10 Best Body Wash For Dry Itchy Skin in India

best body wash for dry skin in india

Best Body Wash For Dry Itchy Skin in India Is your dry itchy skin troubles you? The dryness of the skin can be cured by the application of the skin care products meant for the dry skin. So, which are those skin products? These can be skin creams, moisturizers etc, but when your body skin is dry then you just ...

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10 Best Ayurvedic Soaps in India

10 best ayurvedic soaps in india

10 Best Ayurvedic Soaps: For fairness, Acne, pimples and dry skin Ayuveda has power to give you beautiful skin and hair. So, here we will talk about the Ayurvedic soap. Skin soaps are used to cleanse the skin and to refresh it from the accumulated dust, grime and grease. There can be body soap and face sap but there are ...

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20 Best Body Lotions in India for Everyday Use

Best Body lotions in India for Everyday Use for summers, winters, dry skin, oily skin and for skin whitening You may have heard about the CTM, Cleansing, Toning and moiturisation. But that is for the face right. But what about the body skin. After taking shower or cleansing, you must go ahead and get the proper moisturization. It is the ...

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