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Body care refers to the caring for the body skin and maintaining a beautiful body

5 Remedies to remove tan from feet and legs

Remedies to remove Tan from feet and legs

Remedies for tan from feet and legs: In summers we easily get the sun tan. College students or teenagers who stay a lot in sun, for them sun tanning is a common problem. Most of the times, we see that the tan is there on the legs and feet more since the sun rays fall directly over them. As a ...

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Easy Home remedies for long and thick Eyelashes

Home remedies for longer thicker eyelashes at home

Long and thick eyelashes: Get them with naturally Eye lashes can make the eye look even more attractive and pretty. Bigger eyes look beautiful and to make them even bigger, eyelashes play an important role. Thick eyelashes look gorgeous but if you are not born with that naturally there are some natural beauty tips and home remedies which make the ...

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5 Face packs for tanned skin: Home Cure for tanning

face packs for tanned skin at home

Face packs for tanned skin Tanned skin is common when the sun exposure is high and the Ultra violet rays are severe which causes the skin to get tanned easily. Sun tanning is seen on the face, hands and feet generally as they are the uncovered body parts. Skin tanning when not treated for a long time may result in ...

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Tips to protect your skin from sun damage

Protect your skin from sun damage Sun damage is caused due to over exposure of sun for prolonged time. Sun damage causes premature aging of skin, sun burns, hyper pigmentation, sun tanning, dark spots, redness and rashes. Hyper pigmentation is also seen with regular sun exposure for long hours. Above all,  this can also make the skin prone to cancer. ...

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