11 Latest Mangalsutra Designs in Gold for Women

Mangalsutra is one jewelry piece that every Hindu women would love to wear. It is a sign of being married and blessed with husband. These days, jewelery trends are changing hence women would love to experiment even with the mangalsutra designs as well. Mangalsutra can be made in gold, diamond, platinum or mixed but gold is one such precious metal ...

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10 Best Indian Hair and Makeup Artist in Delhi

Best Indian Hair and Makeup Artist in Delhi

10 Best Indian Hair and Makeup Artist in Delhi Wedding is not just a day but a day for which a bride longs for her entire life. She also would wish to have the perfect dress, makeup and jewellery to look her best on that day. That would make all the eyes glued on to her when she enters the ...

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6 Top Indian Bridal Designers for Wedding Attire

TOP bridal designers in india

Written by Ratna Balani Top Indian Bridal Designers in India Every woman since her new young age starts dreaming about her bridal attire. She believes in fairy tale wedding and finding the most handsome and loving man for her. The bride-to-be fascinates about her bridal wear and assumes looking prefect at it. The Fashion industry is changing with ages, it ...

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