10 Top Best Eye Kohls and Kajals in India with Price

Kajals and eyeliners are very essential to beautify Indian Girl’s eyes. Even when one doesn’t wish to go overboard with makeup, kajal or kohl is one thing that is being used by women across the country and all ages. You can get kajals for really cheap and very expensive. But what ever is your choice, they must be jet black, ...

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10 Best Liquid Eyeliners in India with Price and Brands

top best liquid eyeliners in india

Best Liquid Eyeliner Brands in India with Price and Reviews Eyeliners are the most used makeup product after the lipsticks. Just like kajal makes your eyes gorgeous similarly eyeliners can make the eyes look bigger and bolder. I am a fan of eyeliners. These days, we have so many different options for eyeliners like liquid eyeliners, gel, pencil, cream or ...

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10 Best Pen Eyeliners in India with the Price and Reviews

10 Best pen Eyeliners in India with the price

10 Best Pen Eyeliners in India with the price Hi everyone! Lining the eyes is one of the things that we girls love to do when we are going out or doing makeup for party or dinner or just for a casual date. I love applying eyeliners and gel eyeliners and liquid eyeliners are my favorite. But a lot of ...

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Aqualens Color Contact Lenses Green Review, Details and Pictures

Aqualens Color Contact Lenses Envy Green Review 3

Aqualens Color Contact Lenses Green Review and pictures: Hi everyone!! If you like colored contact lenses then you will love this review. I will share this Aqualens Envy Green Color Contact Lens review which is in the color green. Moreover, I love colored contact lenses not that for the color only but I have myopia so, I used to think if I have ...

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Oriflame Studio Artist Concealer Review, Price, Details

Oriflame Studio Artist Concealer dark review india 3

Oriflame Studio Artist Concealer Review, Price and Details Hi everyone, those of you who would like to hide or cover the dark marks, spots and dark circles then concealers can be a good option. I will review this Oriflame Studio Artist Concealer in the shade dark. This Oriflame Studio Artist Concealer is available in 3 shades like light, medium and ...

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