Elle 18 Color Pop Eyeliner in Green Review, Price

Elle 18 Color Pop Eyeliner in green

I will review Elle 18 Color Pop Eyeliner in the shade green. An year ago, Elle 18 launched these 4 shades of colored eyeliners other than the regular Elle 18 black out eyeliner. Eyeliners are basic makeup products for every girls and women that can enhance and beautify the eyes. Eyeliners make the eyes look bigger and sultry. I like ...

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Kareena Kapoor Eye makeup looks ideas

kareena kapoor eye makeup ideas for party

Kareena Kapoor Eye makeup Kareena Kapoor is a stunning beauty who loves to sport beautiful eye makeup. Her eye makeup looks are easy yet give a smokey effect and makes her eyes look mesmerizing. We have compiled Kareena Kapoor’s eye makeup look with some explanation on how to get the eye makeup like Kareena Kapoor. Soft Smokey eye makeup In ...

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Top Best Eye kohls and Kajal in India with Price

Kajals and eyeliners are very essential to beautify Indian Girl’s eyes. Even when one doesn’t wish to go overboard with makeup, kajal or kohl is one thing that is being used by women across the country and all ages. You can get kajals for really cheap and very expensive. But what ever is your choice, they must be jet black, ...

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