Quick tips for Morning Makeup for girls

Quick tips for morning makeup TIPS

Quick tips for Morning Makeup Makeup is essential of girls. As makeup gives us confidence when we look good. But when you use a lot of makeup then there can be really difficult . Since we have to make sure a lot of things are in place like the foundation should be blended well, eyeliner should be applied well etc. ...

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10 Best Cream Blush in India from brands with Price

best cream blushes in india

10 Best Cream Blush in India from brands with Price Hello girls, how are you all? πŸ™‚ A couple of days ago, I had shared about the powder blushes in India and I thought I should also compile a list of some good cream blushes. Do you know the biggest advantage of cream blushes? It is that they will last ...

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10 Top Best Powder Blush in India with Price List

top best powder blush in india

Best Powder Blushes in India and their prices with the different brands Your makeup isn’t complete till the time you get some color on the cheeks. Oh, I am not talking about the clown like red circles on the cheeks but soft subtle color that makes you look gorgeous! πŸ™‚ Blushes can be either powder or creamy in formula. There ...

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How to Apply Foundation for Flawless Finish

How to Apply Foundation for Flawless Finish When we get ready for a party, college or for a causal day out. Most of us girls would go for the foundations. That can be a personal choice whether one wants to use a foundation with a sheer coverage or the one with a full coverage. Well that is something to do ...

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5 Different Ways to Use BB cream

Different ways to use BB cream for the face Hi girls!! Let me ask you how many of you use BB cream? I think now days, most of us like using BB creams. The reason can be they are cheaper than the foundation and are good for daily use. I love BB creams. They give a natural looking brightness to ...

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