Foot care

15 Foot Scrubs and Foot Soaks Recipes at home

Foot Scrubs and Foot Soaks Our feet can be the most ignored body part. They bear the entire weight and suffer a lot throughout the day. They too need some pampering but going to salons for pedicure, foot massage and other beauty rituals can be very expensive. So, why don’t we devote some time and give our feet some pampering. ...

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Homemade Foot cream, Heel Repair Cream recipe

Homemade foot cream, heel repair cream recipe

Homemade Foot cream, Heel Repair Cream. Are dry cracked heels or rough feet troubling you? Yes, in winters, most of us even the males can suffer from cracked heel and for that we need some solution like moisturization and repairing foot cream which can repair the cracks and dryness. Cracked heels are also painful while you walk and other than ...

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Top Best Foot creams and heel creams in India with Price

Foot creams in India Our feet take a lot throughout the day. A foot cream will revive and rejuvenate the dull, tired feet. The foot creams and heel creams help hydrate the feet, treat the dry cracked heels. Dry cracked heels can be a painful condition especially in winters. Foot creams are good to be used daily to keep the ...

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Great Tips to take care of feet in winters

feet care in winters

Tips to take care of feet in winters Most of us tend to ignore our feet. We pay so much attention to our face, hair, hands etc that feet can be aptly said as the ignored part that needs equal pampering love and care like the rest of our skin does. So how to take care of your feet especially ...

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Home Remedies to cure cracked heels at home

Home remedies to heal cracked heels naturally at home Cracked heels can be painful. There is this constant pain which keeps you irritated and annoyed that can range from bearable to unbearable while you walk or stand for too long. Apart from the pain that you experience due to cracked heels, they can also prevent you from wearing your favorite ...

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