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12 Best Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick Shades Description and Reviews

best lakme 9 to 5 lipsticks in India

Best Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick Shades Description and Reviews: There are so many makeup brands in India and undoubtedly, Lakme is one of the most popular. The reason is that Lakme is an Indian brand and the awareness and the availability is immense. If you are here to get some light on the best Lakme lipsticks shades then this is ...

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9 Amazing Makeup for your Golden Dress and Tips

Best makeup ideas for gold dress

Amazing Ideas and makeup for your Golden Dress: A golden dress looks ravishing on any one. It doesn’t matter if you are fair, medium or dark skinned, a golden colored dress will look fabulous. It complements the skin color and makes you a head turner. Gold dresses looks good when you are wearing them for prom, parties etc. Its a color ...

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How to Create the Perfect Makeup for Black Dress

what makeup to do with black dress

Black is a universal color that looks gorgeous and complementing on almost all the skin colors. Have you decided to wear a lovely black dress, but do not know what makeup to try with black dress? Don’t worry girls!! We are there for you. Black dress can be a simple plain black or a sequined one with detailing of gold ...

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9 Beautiful Makeup Ideas for Green Dress

waht makeup to do with green dress

So, you have decided to wear a green dress for your prom? Not for the prom but for a friend’s wedding or for a party or may be for an event. So, the dress is chosen but you are still confused about the makeup that you should pair with that gorgeous green dress. Worry not! In today’s post we will ...

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11 Elegant Makeup Tips to Wear with Pink Dress

what makeup with pink dress

Pink is a very girly and feminine color. You just love pink but pink has various shades like a hot pink, candy floss pink, light pink, peachy pink, watermelon pink etc. The color for dress should be chosen according to the skin color. This makes your complexion actually complement with the shade of the dress. Most of the girls love ...

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