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10 Natural Remedies for Dry Itchy scalp and dandruff

homeremedies for dry itchy scalp

  Constantly itching the scalp and noticing some flakiness along with the itch, is a symptom  of dry itchy scalp. Itchy dry scalp can be due to several factors though it may be temporary at times. Dandruff can be the most common reason behind this condition. Continuous itching causes embarrassment in public. Do you know Dry Itchy scalp may also ...

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10 Best Tips for Oily Hair Naturally

Does your hair get oily on the first day of washing? If that is what you have been facing then this post on oily hair tips will be helpful for you. I will share some tips for oily hair so that you can prevent and keep them oil free for a longer time. I have already shared some of the ...

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9 Natural Remedies for oily hair and oily scalp

Natural Remedies for Oily hair and Oily scalp Oily hair and scalp can be extremely annoying as due to this your hair look flat, dull and low on volume. Moreover, oily hair attracts dirt easily which further requires a lot of maintenance. There can be several methods to deal with oily hair though in my opinion home remedies or natural ...

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5 Home Remedy for thicker hair naturally

Home remedies for thicker hair Thicker hair is not only for women as a part of their beauty but for men too their hair can be extremely important. Hair can easily change one’s physical appearance. Due to certain factors, you can face problems like hair loss, hair thinning or dry dull hair. Hence it becomes utmost important to take proper ...

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6 Hair growth Vitamins for long and healthy hair

essential vitamins for hair growth

Long hair is in trend! They enhance a woman’s beauty. Due to the deficiency of any essential vitamins, hair can grow at a snail’s speed. Therefore, to make sure that your hair grow really long faster and to have healthy hair, your diet and intake of vital vitamins is extremely important. If you’re dreaming of getting healthy long hair then ...

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