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Chamomile tea benefits for health, skin, hair and uses


Chamomile tea benefits for health, skin, hair: Uses of chamomile tea Chamomile which also means ground apple comes from a different variety of daisy like plants and a member of Asteraceae family. Both the dried and fresh flowers are used to prepare the Chamomile tea. Chamomile is an age old medicinal herb used by the Egyptian, Greek and Romans due ...

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7 Natural tips for healthy hair at home

natural tips for healthy hair

Natural tips for healthy hair at home Our hair play an important role in the appearance hence is very crucial for both men and women. Hair is the prized possession which we realize until we loose hair or experience hair fall. So, if you have been thinking of some natural tips for healthy hair or how to get healthy hair ...

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Benefits of Neem Oil: Uses for skin and hair

benefits of neem oil for skin and hair

Benefits and uses of neem oil for skin Neem is a well known for its antibacterial and anti fungal properties that does a lot for beauty, hair, skin and heath. Neem tree is an evergreen tree and its bark, oil, leaves, fruit all have medicinal qualities. Due to this neem extracts are used extensively in skin care and hair care ...

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Diet for Healthy Hair and Scalp: What to eat for strong hair?

What you need for healthy hair? Indian Diet for healthy hair and scalp. Do you know what you eat highly affects your hair? It is entirely crucial to have a balanced diet with the inclusion of proteins, vitamins like A, C, B complex, D and minerals like iron, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, iron etc along with proteins, carbohydrates. When you include these ...

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Castor Oil for Hair Growth: Castor Oil Benefits for Hair

Castor oil benefits for hair split ends cure

Castor oil benefits for Hair Castor oil is derived from the castor beans also known as Ricinus Communis by the cold pressing method and has a dark yellow color. This thick oil is used in multiple ways to get benefits for skin, hair and health. It is because castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid and triglycerides along with Vitamin ...

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