Hair care

Use Mustard Oil for hair loss, grey hair and regrowth

mustard oil for hair loss and hair regrowth

How to use mustard oil for hair loss and hair regrowth With the changing lifestyle and climate, people are going through some major hair problems. Not only that some lifestyle changes and habits are also to be blamed for this hair fall, hair loss, hair greying and balding in men and women.  Hair styling treatments like straightening, perming, curling causes ...

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Curly Hair Care Tips for Men and Women

hair care tips for curly hair

Curly Hair care tips for men and women with curly, dry, frizzy hair   Curly hairs are messy, tangled, weak and difficult to handle. Are you also getting tired while managing your curly and unruly hair?  We do understand, people who have curly hair must know it better.  You should know the special ways to treat and care your hair ...

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How to do Hair Spa at Home: Step By Step Guide

Hair Spa at Home: Step By Step Guide Hair Spa at home!! Have you ever heard of doing the hair spa at home? Instead of wasting money at expensive spas I recommend you to get your hair spa done at home. It is not very difficult task. It’s just a matter of giving it a try and getting addicted to ...

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Amazing Tips for healthy hair

Amazing Tips for healthy hair Who doesn’t want healthy and gorgeous hair. We are sure all of us do. Men and women would like to have thicker and healthier hair. Ever wondered when our hair starts to fall, how much stress we can have. Hair is our crowning glory and indeed we want it to be healthier but your hair ...

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