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10 Top Best Hair Serums Available in India with price

hair serums in India price online

Best Hair Serums available in India For Dry, Frizzy and Damaged Hair Hair serums have become the much needed product these days as they can keep down the frizz, detangles the hair after the wash so that the breakage is reduced. These hair serums also add a glossy shine to the hair for a more finished and polished look. But ...

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Almond Oil Benefits for Hair

Almond oil has numerous skin and hair benefits. For hair, almond oil can guarantee longer, thicker and shinier hair. I am not just saying this. Almond oil has high Vitamin E content which is 25mg per 100 grams which makes this nut a precious nut, apart from this vital mineral like copper, selenium, manganese, iron etc which helps contribute towards ...

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How to Use Turmeric for Hair Loss and Hair Fall

How to Use Turmeric for Hair Loss and Hair Fall Hair need proper nutrients and care to stay in texture and look. But sometimes we take our own health for granted and then face adverse effects in the future. Hair loss comes in the same case when our hair locks need pamper but we provide it wrong handful of chemical infusion ...

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10 Best Clarifying Shampoos in India with Prices

10 Best Clarifying Shampoos in India: For Dry, Frizzy hair, Oily hair What is Clarifying Shampoo? We have been hearing the term off lately, but what exactly is a clarifying shampoo. Well, clarifying shampoo is made primarily to get rid of the gunk, product build up and the residue in general. So, while we live in an era where the use ...

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9 Remedies with Hibiscus Flower to Treat Hair Loss and Hair Fall

Hibiscus Flower to Treat Hair Loss and Hair Fall

Hibiscus flower is also known as China Rose or gudhal in Hindi. This flower is considered sacred but it’s medicinal properties are also well known. If hair fall is that major problem that you are facing then hibiscus can surely help control the hair loss. Hair loss and baldness is something which none of us would want. Hibiscus has several ...

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