3 Foods that deplete the Bone Density

How many of us really take care of your overall health? Currently the time we live in, we go through lot of stress and busy schedule, where there is no time to take care of yourself. But this can show negative results in the long term. Do you know that women after 30 starts to lose the bone density. Around ...

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5 Steps to Spring Clean the Diet for healthy body

steps to sping clean the diet

Steps to Spring Clean the Diet You may have been gorging on the sugar chocolates, and some unhealthy food. But now that the weather is getting warmer you should try to go for a spring clean the diet. Do you know that we tend to eat more during the winters? So, this time should be ideal when you watch your ...

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Home remedies for menstrual cramps and pain

Natural remedies for menstrual cramps and pain

Menstruation cramps (dysmenorrhea) or pain in the lower abdomen is common and not to be worried for. Menstruation is a normal and most important part of a woman which leads her to the power to procreation but quite often women feel the sharp pain and cramps during the periods or when they are menstruating. These pain and menstruation cramps are due ...

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Home remedies for Irregular periods, delayed menstruation cure

Home remedies for Irregular periods and delayed menstruation cure

Irregular periods or delayed menstruation/ periods is a common problem faced by women. Irregular periods are also known as oligomenorrhea. The average menstrual cycle is for about 28 days. Though this no can increase or go down for some woman. Due to hormonal imbalance or certain other factor a women can face irregularity in periods or menstruation. This can be ...

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Ways to improve blood circulation in body, face and scalp

ways to improve blood circulation on body scalp face

Ways to improve blood circulation in face, body and scalp Proper blood circulation is important in keeping the skin, muscles healthy as blood plays the medium which delivers the nutrients oxygen to the cells, tissues and thus the organs. We have often heard that to improve the blood circulation we should do regular exercises which is so true. Improved blood ...

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