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Facial Peels and its benefits for skin care

facial peels and benefits

Facial Peels and its benefits for skin care Are you worried about your dull, tired and sagging skin? Do you know facial peels can cover all skin imperfections? It improves the appearance of the skin leaving the skin glowing, smooth, healthy and tight. The peels are effective according to the extent they are penetrated deep into skin. The peels are ...

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Garnier Men Powerlight Fairness Moisturiser with SPF 15 Review

Garnier Men Powerlight Fairness Moisturiser 7

Garnier Men Powerlight Fairness Moisturiser with SPF 15 Review Hi guys!! This is the time when even men would like to take care of their face and skin. I think this is good as even their skin is prone to damage and aging. These days we see several brands coming up with men’s face creams lotions, moisturisers, face wash etc. ...

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How to use Buttermilk for Skin Whitening and Beauty

Using Buttermilk for skin whitening and beauty Buttermilk or chaach is a cooling beverage that is used all across India. But wait, this is not just for consumption but for beauty purposes as well. This is well known that buttermilk is highly beneficial for health but its beauty use also cannot be ignored. Let’s see how you too can take ...

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How to use Fenugreek Seeds for Skin Care

How to use fenugreek seeds for skin care Fenugreek seeds or methi dana is beneficial in the hair fall control and to boost the hair growth but do you know that methi dana or fenugreek seeds are as effective in skin care as well. Yes, this is true methi dana is great for skin lightening, skin toning, sun tan removal ...

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What is Oxygen Facial and its Benefits

Oxygen facial and its benefits Facial is an effective way to get glowing skin. There are several types of facials available though choosing the right facial for your skin type is important. If you wish to do the facial yourself at home then see this procedure for home facial. Today in this post, we will talk about Oxygen facials. So, ...

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