Skin Care

Home Remedies to Reduce Signs of Aging

how to reduce signs of aging

Home Remedies to reduce the signs of aging Aging is a natural phenomenon designed by nature. Skin aging is seen when we get fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkle, laugh lines, sagging skin etc. But with the help of some natural products, healthy lifestyle, anti aging foods etc we can surely delay the aging and it’s signs. Nature has also given ...

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9 Home Remedies to Get rid of Unwanted Facial Hair and Body Hair

home remedies to get rid of the unwanted facial hair

How to remove unwanted facial hair with home remedies and methods We all have facial hair on forehead, cheeks and chin and upper lips but that depends from individual to individual. For some the facial hairs can be just normal while some they are dark and thick. For men, these facial hair look okay but for women these facial hair makes ...

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10 Best Soaps for Oily skin Acne Prone Skin in India

10 best soaps for oily acne skin in India

Best soap for oily skin, acne Prone skin in India When we have oily skin, it demands proper cleansing and care. Right? Oily skin, if not taken care can have skin problems. We all know that skin problems like acne and comedones can become common when the skin pores get blocked. There are several tips for oily skin that we ...

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Facial Peels and its benefits for skin care

facial peels and benefits

Facial Peels and its benefits for skin care Are you worried about your dull, tired and sagging skin? Do you know facial peels can cover all skin imperfections? It improves the appearance of the skin leaving the skin glowing, smooth, healthy and tight. The peels are effective according to the extent they are penetrated deep into skin. The peels are ...

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Garnier Men Powerlight Fairness Moisturiser with SPF 15 Review

Garnier Men Powerlight Fairness Moisturiser 7

Garnier Men Powerlight Fairness Moisturiser with SPF 15 Review Hi guys!! This is the time when even men would like to take care of their face and skin. I think this is good as even their skin is prone to damage and aging. These days we see several brands coming up with men’s face creams lotions, moisturisers, face wash etc. ...

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