Skin Care

Homemade Honey and Green Tea Mask for Dark Spots Treatment

Honey and Green Tea Mask

How to use this Honey and Green Tea Mask for dark spots and benefits Dark spots and acne marks on the skin can make us really conscious. Yes, these spots and scars are a beauty problem that adults, teenagers and young adults do face at least once in their lifetime. These can be due to the pimples, acne, blackheads, etc ...

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7 Top Best Pakistani Beauty tips for skin

top pakistani beauty tips

Pakistani Beauty tips for skin Pakistani women are extremely beautiful, this is what we feel after watching lot of Pakistani actresses. Every country, culture has their own beauty tips and beauty secrets that the world wants to knows. Like in India women are known to get thick hair similarly, Pakistani women too have some beauty and hair care secrets that ...

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Top South Indian Beauty Tips for Skin and Hair

South Indian Beauty tips for skin and hair

Top Best South Indian Beauty tipsĀ  South Indian women are beautiful with their big eyes and thick gorgeous hair. There are beauties in Bollywood like Aishwarya Rai, Hema Malini, Vidya balan etc who are not only beautiful but have followed some great beauty secrets. Here are some great south Indian beauty tips for skin and hair that you too can ...

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4 Best VLCC Body Lotions in India with Price

4 VLCC Body Lotions in India with Price

4 VLCC Body Lotions in India Body lotions are essential part of skin care since dry body skin is something that none of us girls want. Smooth skin which is supple and nourished looks healthier. VLCC products are really famous in India since they make so many products for skin care, hair care slimming shape up products etc. We have ...

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4 Green Tea Beauty Recipe: Green tea for gorgeous skin

Green tea beauty recipes for gorgeous skin complexion

Green tea beauty Recipe: How green tea can give you gorgeous skin Green tea is getting quote popular these days due to its health benefits. Green tea is not just for the health benefits but you can get gorgeous skin as well with green tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which helps in making the skin looking fresh and ...

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