Skin Care

10 Homemade Anti Aging Face Masks for all skin types

home made anti aging face masks natural

Homemade Anti Aging Face Masks Aging can be scary. We don’t want to see our skin getting fine lines and wrinkles. There are skin cream with anti aging benefits which are good to incorporate in the skin care regimen a stay have alpha hydroxy acids, retinols which exfoliates the skin thus lines are minimized, skin looks tighter and sagging skin ...

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5 Home Remedies for Back Acne

home remedies for back acne pimples

Home Remedies for Back Acne Acne on the back or back acne can be due to some hormonal triggers or some other factors like hygiene, tight clothing, sebaceous glands, dandruff etc. Over secretive sebaceous glands which can clog the pores and when they are infected by bacteria, it forms back acne. Back acne can restrict you from wearing the deep ...

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Beauty Uses of Green tea as face pack, scrub, toner

Beauty Uses of Green tea as face pack,

Beauty Uses of Green tea as face pack, scrub, toner Green has been used a lot in the east but lately it has become quite popular across the globe thanks to its antioxidant richness which makes green tea a wonderful light beverage with multiple health and beauty benefits. Food with high antioxidants can do a lot for the health but ...

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Home Remedies for Shiny Stronger Nails

home remedies for stronger shiny nails

Shiny stronger nails are an important part of you which beauty the hands and make the hands look more beautiful. Weaker yellow, brittle nails may also show up as the deficiency of some vital compounds in the body. So, if you’re wondering what can be done for stronger shinier nails without spending a lot on the manicures at salon or ...

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Home Remedies for dark finger joints and fingers

home remedies for dark finger joints

Home remedies for dark fingers joints and fingers Dark finger joint is more or less similar that we see with the darkening of the elbows and knee joint. These dark finger joints looks unpleasant especially when a person’s natural complexion is fair then these dark finger joints become more prominent. This problem may be due to the hyper pigmentation, excessive ...

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