Skin Care

9 Natural Ways to treat fine lines and wrinkles

Home remedies to cure lines and wrinkles Fine lines and wrinkle appearance is a part of skin aging. As we grow old, skin starts to sag, lines and wrinkles are formed which indicates that the skin is aging but at times due to ignorance, negligence, skin can show the signs of aging even when you’re still in your twenties and ...

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10 Natural Remedies to remove unwanted hair from face

unwanted hair removal

Remedies to get rid of unwanted facial hair A head full of hair looks good but when the hairs are on some parts like chin, cheeks, upper lip etc they become unwanted for us and we think about getting rid of unwanted hair. They can be embarrassing when they are extremely long on the upper lip or chin. When the ...

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7 Natural skin bleach for fair skin at home

Natural skin bleach for fair skin at home Many of us use bleach creams to lighten and match the color of facial hairs with that of the skin color so that the skin looks fairer, brighter and lighter. Bleaching ensures that the facial hairs are not much visible. Bleaching is an easy solution though if you don’t want to use ...

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7 Natural Remedies to Lighten Stretch Marks Faster

lighten and renove stretch marks

Natural ways to lighten stretch marks Just like marks and blemishes left by the pimples, stretch marks can also bother you. You wish to get rid of those unflattering stretch marks from your body. Stretch marks can be due to excessive weight loss or gain, pregnancy is the reason for most stretch marks near the lower abdomen and sides. The ...

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Benefits of saffron for Health and Skin

Various Benefits for saffron for skin and health Saffron, the spice of kings, that is also referred to as kesar in India, is a very popular spice that is known to almost everyone, since it’s widely used in sweets, dishes, medical purposes, beauty and skin treatments etc. Saffron is regarded as a spice that is derived from the flower of ...

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