Skin Care

4 Best Bridal Turmeric Face Masks and Ubtans for Beautiful Bride

Turmeric is an Ayurvedic medicine that is great for the skin and to enhance the beauty of the skin. It is a natural ingredient that will protect your body and face from all the harmful factors and delivers radiance to it. Turmeric is an economic and non-expensive product that is widely used in the Indian kitchens. Turmeric also plays a ...

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6 Gram Flour Face Pack to Treat Pimple Marks and Dark Spots

Skin is the sensitive organ that reflects your inner wellness and lifestyle. When you do not eat good nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, cereals and intake junk and fried stuff, then your skin is the foremost part that gets effected through it. Pimples, dark spots, ageing are those troubles that may arise during your adolescence and teenage. Gram flour is ...

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6 Homemade Neem Face Pack and Masks for Acne Free Clear Skin

Neem is antibacterial and anti fungal that clears the skin and also absorbs the excess oil. Neem makes skin clear and flawless with pigmentation and acne fighting properties.When you have oily to combination skin, constant breakouts, pimples and acne can be troublesome. Acne bout can leave the skin scarred and blemishes making the skin far from flawless. There are some ...

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5 Effective Home Remedies for Treating Dry Skin

Home Remedies for treating dry skin

Home remedies for curing dry skin Dry skin is characterized by a flaky, peeling skin with redness at times. Dry skin generally looks powdery due to the outer layer of dried skin which is why it also appears lack lustre and dull. Dry skin become more problematic in winters when the weather is dry and cold. Dry skinned people need ...

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7 Best and Easy Home Remedies for Itching Skin

best home remedies for itching skin

Home Remedies for Itching Skin Itching skin is one of the skin problems that we often suffer from.. It can be caused by many things like insect bites, dry skin, aging, sunburns, sunburns, chemical reaction or allergies or it could skin and it could be underlying skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, chickenpox etc. Itching is one of the most annoying ...

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