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  1. hie,
    i am suffering from hairfall problem from 1 year.. i tried so many costly product bt it doesn’t work. hairs constantly falling rather my scalp wld be seen because of lots of hairfalls.. plzz give me some solutions..

    • Hi Yogini,

      Honestly hair fall can’t be controlled just by using products which we use externally. I will advise you to take protein rich diet and also include food items that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B complex and also vitamin C. hair fall can be due to deficiency of these in the diet that we take normally, so do take a look on that. Other thing is stress if you have stress then too you can face hair fall.
      therefore, I will advice you to take a good diet and I am sure that will surely help.
      This has helped me too when I was facing hair fall without any other known reason or medical condition.