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Figaro Olive Oil Review, Price, Benefits and How I use this

Figaro Olive Oil Review, Beauty Benefits and How I use this

Figaro Olive Oil Review, Price, Benefits and How I use for skin and hair

Hi all, I had this Figaro olive oil with me since ages. And you know, I got this Figaro olive oil after reading some great benefits of olive oil for hair and skin. I earlier was not aware from where we can get olive oil in India but then one day saw this brand of olive oil at one my friends place. Then I searched this at a store and bought these. This was around 3 – 4 years ago but now, Figaro olive oil or other olive oil brands are easily available in Indian market. You can buy them online or from medical stores even. I like this Figaro olive oil because it came in a tin can which I used to like. Okay, so friends let’s read more about this Figaro olive oil and its review. I will also tell you how I use this in my daily life. I alsp wrote an article on how to use olive oil for dry hair that you may read. 🙂

Price of Figaro olive oil: This is for 225 rupees for 200 ml tin can.

Figaro Olive Oil Review, Price, Benefits and How to use

Experience with Figaro Olive oil and How I use this

Now olive oil is used for so many things like we can use olive oil for cooking. Use this for hair as hair oil or use this for our skin. But if you are using olive oil for the skin, then you have to use extra virgin olive oil. This Figaro olive oil is not extra virgin olive oil but this is a refined olive oil. We can use refined olive oil for cooking and as hair oil. Now you must be thinking what is extra virgin olive oil? Well, extra virgin olive oil is made from the process of applying some pressure to the olive seeds. So, that is a pure olive oil with no chemicals used etc. As extra virgin olive oil is pure and free from any refining chemical we can safely sue that for our skin. If you are thinking of getting extra virgin olive oil then you can try brand like Soulflower, Aloe veda etc They make extra virgin olive oil.

Figaro Olive Oil Review, Price, Benefits and How I use this oil

Now, I will tell you what you can do with this Figaro olive oil for the hair care and beauty purpose.

Benefits of Figaro olive oil for hair and beauty

1. Hot oil massaging

I can mix this with some of my patanjali coconut oil or any coconut oil. Then warm it up a bit. Then use this oil to massage my scalp. I will leave this on my hair for overnight. Then wash the hair in the morning. This makes my hair very softer and shinier. In fact this deep conditions the dry frizzy damaged hair as well.

Figaro Olive Oil Review, Price, Benefits

2. Hair pack with Figaro olive oil

I can also make a hair pack with this olive oil. I will take 3- 4 spoonful of this olive oil. Then mix 3-4 spoonful of honey and some almond oil. I will then use this to massage my hair and hair ends. Then, I will tie my hair in a bun so, that I can work and my sticky hair should not bother me. Then after 2 hours, I will shampoo my hair. This is good treatment for dry hair which are sun damaged.

3. Body massaging for dry skin

My mum’s body skin is very dry, so she will use this to massage her dry skin with this olive oil and the skin looks radiant. This also makes the skin texture smoother and also treats the fine lines on skin.

4. Scrubbing for body

You can use this Figaro olive oil for making a very useful body scrub. To make that olive oil body scrub. You will need 3-4 spoonful of sugar, 3-4 teaspoonful of this Figaro olive oil and then 3-4 spoonful of honey. Mix all of them and take it with you in the shower. Use this to scrub your body and keep on the skin for 10 minutes. Then complete the bath. This will smoothen the skin and skin feels so much softer. This can also be a good foot scrub.

5. Hand lotion

Mix some olive oil with milk cream and use on your dry feet and hands at night while going to sleep. This will help soften them up.

6. Eye makeup remover

You can even use this Figaro olive oil as eye makeup remover along with some rose water to remove your waterproof eye makeup that takes a lot of time to get away.

Good about Figaro olive oil

This is affordable

This can be used for cooking.

This is very healthy and has good fatty acids which reduces the cholesterol

This can be used on the hair and hair oil

This can also be used for beauty uses for body skin but do not use this on face.

Not so good about Figaro olive oil

The tin pack is hard to use as the oil will spill on the outside.

This is a refined olive oil not extra virgin olive oil

Rating for Figaro olive oil: 4 out of 5

This Figaro olive oil can be used for cooking. Olive oil is very healthy for cooking as compared with other oils. This can also be used for hair and skin. If you have oily skin I will not recommend you to try this on the face.

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  1. Hii my hairs are dry, rough and fizzy. Can u please recommend me so hair product?
    Should I go for Firgo olive oil .it is also in budget ?
    Reply me asap

  2. Hi Simran,
    I like patanjali coconut hair oil for dry hair. Yes, olive oil is also good for hot oil massaging at night to tame the dry frizzy hair. Figaro oil is good for hair, you can mix this will some almond oil or coconut oil to boost the efficiency for the dry hair cure.

  3. nice review ,, I want to use olive oil for my skin but i want to use olive oil which is free from chemicals and is pure so can you suggest me a good brand of olive oil which is pure and free from chemicals?

  4. Hiiiii,

    You said mix the figaro oil with coconut oil for better result, I have doubt regarding that, can I mix this figaro olive oil with parachute oil, I hope will not face any side effects… Plz suggest me wat to do,,,,,

  5. Thank you!!

    You can try Extra Virgin olive oil which is extracted from cold pressing without any chemicals. I think aloeveda and soulflower makes extra virgin olive oil.

  6. please let you tell me how i can make olive oil at home ? and where from i can get olive sead ? please call me or e mail me, which is Best oil for massage for rejuvenate

  7. i hv oily hair with hair fall nd dandruf.. :-/ figaro olive oil is btr for me or not?? plz ans me at mail id.

  8. No, it will not.

  9. I have no idea how you can make olive oil at home. You can buy a bottle of olive oil rather from the market.

  10. Yes, you can try olive oil for dandruff but also mix some lemon juice in that.

  11. Can I apply Figaro olive oil daily on whole body? Can it also trigger whole body hair growth ?

  12. how to use figaro olive oil for face?plz reply me

  13. Yes, you can use that as a body oil. No it won’t trigger any kind of hair growth on body. It also triggers hair growth on the scalp.

  14. If you have dry skin then yes, but do not use that oil on the face if your skin is oily or combination.

  15. i am suffering with soo much of hair fall is this frigaro olive oil will really stop hair fall and help for hair growth???
    plzzz help me

  16. Yes, you can use olive oil. Also mix some almond oil in it to increase the efficiency.

  17. Can i use figaro olive oil on my private part after shaving?