How to Make kajal at Home: Step By Step Procedure

How to Make kajal at Home

how to make homemade kajal

Kajal not only makes the eyes look bigger and beautiful but in earlier days it was also used to ward off the evil. Cleopatra was very famous for wearing that heavily kohl rimmed eyes. Kajal is a basic makeup product that almost all the women all around the world would like to wear, if they are asked to wear just one makeup product. But if you have been wondering how to make kajal t home then this post will be helpful.

Steps to make kajal at home

Before making the kajal arrange a small tub for preserving the kajal in it. You will also need some clarified butter or ghee, cotton wick and an earthen lamp or the diya that we use for Diwali and puja.

Take an earthen lamp or diya that we call in Hindi and fill that with ghee or clarified butter.

Light the wick of the diya and let it glow.

Now take a spoon and invert over the diya for some time.

The distance should be low so that the top portion of the flame should touch the inside of the spoon.

You will notice that the inner part of the spoon starts to get black due to carbon accumulation which is also called as soot.

The spoon can get hot so it will be better if you hold the spoon with a cloth or use a spoon that has a plastic handle at the end.

Now let the soot get accumulated. Now scrape off the soot or carbon in a clean plate and add 4-5 drops of ghee.

Mix both of them and see if you need some more ghee as we need the consistency to be thick not too runny.

When you get the thick consistency then fill the small empty container with this kajal and keep it in the refrigerator.

After 2-3 hours your homemade kajal is ready for use.

Benefits of homemade kajal

It is pure and free from any chemicals and preservatives

It keeps the eyes cool and healthy since no chemicals are there.

This kajal will also beautify your eyes.

This is not very smudge proof but will do well to make the eyes alluring.

The color of this kajal will be jet black.

So, this was how to make kajal at home friends, Do you know any other beauty tip that we can make at home do share with me. And also Do like my Facebook page.

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