How to use Papaya for Skin glow and Fairness at home

how to use papaya for skin glow

How to use papaya for skin glow

Glowing and fair looking skin is the desire of every single person. We love the  flawless and youthful skin that catches everyone’s eye. We often like trying new beauty products to remove dark skin color and attain sparkling face and body skin glow. But sometimes, it does not worth it. So let’s follow natural remedies for radiant face and skin. Keep reading 🙂

Papaya for Skin glow and Fairness at home

Here are the best remedies that can help you get the bright glow using just a simple product called papaya. These papaya recipes are easy and impart glow radiance and fairness. Moreover, friends if your skin is dull or has sun tan then too these remedies are great to be  used. Let’s have a look at the beauty tips with papaya

1. Papaya and honey skin mask:

how to use papaya for skin glow

Papaya contains the goodness of vitamins like C that improves skin complexion. It boosts skin elasticity and shine. It prevents acne and scars from the face easily. Papaya consists enzymes and fiber that avoid dryness and patchiness from the face. Honey is also a moisturizing agent that smoothens the skin and enhance the beauty of your face and body. It has great anti-inflammatory properties that heals skin infections instantly. Honey increases natural glow of the face and is very effective on hyper pigmentation and zits. See: Best Papaya face products in India

How to make and apply it?

  • Take one papaya slice and ripe the papaya
  • Now mash it properly so that no lumps are found
  • Mix a half tablespoon of pure honey
  • Mix both the ingredients well
  • Now cleanse your face with water
  • Dab a cotton ball in the pack and apply it all over your face
  • Now massage it slowly in an upward direction
  • Make sure that you do not rub the skin too harshly. Be gentle
  • Now wash it with cold water after 20 minutes

2. Papaya and lemon for glow

Lemon is popularly known for its whitening and brightening benefits to the skin. It is enriched with vitamin-C and anti-bacterial properties. The former component enhances the beauty of the skin while the latter one protects your face from acne and pigmentation. Papaya contains vitamin-E, vitamin B complex and vitamin-C which improves skin color and reduce blemishes and dark spots. Furthermore, Papaya is also rich in vitamin A that is required for healthy looking skin. Vitamin A is needed for the proper blood flow. This is an effective papaya face pack for glowing skin

How to make and apply it?

  • Take one papaya and wash it properly
  • Now ripe the papaya cover and cut it into two parts
  • Remove the papaya seeds from the papaya and cut it into slices
  • Take a small slice of papaya and mash it properly
  • Add 1 spoon of fresh lemon juice in it
  • Apply this face mask onto your face and neck area.
  • Slowly massage it for a few seconds
  • Leave this also for 25 minute and rinse off with cold water

3. Papaya for skin glow with Raw milk

Raw milk is very beneficial for dark toned skins. This papaya facial will naturally brightens and lightens your face and makes it look healthy and flawless for a lifetime. It contains fats and proteins that keep the tissues and muscles strong. It also removes fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, turmeric at the same time, is a good source of anti-bacterial properties and vitamins that protects the skin from pollution and other factors. It makes skin glow and skin appear light and glowing. Papaya combined with turmeric and raw milk will also even the uneven skin tone and induce fairness.

How to make and apply it?

  • Take some papaya pulp in a small bowl
  • Now add 4 tablespoons of raw milk in it
  • Also add a pinch of turmeric
  • Now mix all the ingredients well so that no lumps are found
  • Wash your face properly with water and pat it dry
  • Now take  a face pack brush or use can use your finger to apply this face mask onto the face and neck
  • Keep it for 25 minutes and you need to wash it off with cold water

These are the remedies friends which will really help you get rid of the sun tanning, dullness, dryness, wrinkles etc. Hence, these remedies will give you skin glow and brightness.

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  1. Hlo, Mam i use, UB fair cream in last 5-6 month’s, so ub fair not working usne toh pehle se bhi zyada, kharab kr dia, hai, So plz koi advise dijiye k kon cream use kru jo winter me bhi shi. Ho

  2. Hi harpal, Do not use UB fair then and try to use garnier men’s fairness cream instead.

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