Natural Treatments for Patchy Skin Tone and Unevenness

natural treatments for patchy skin tone

Natural treatments for patchy skin tone on face

Everyone wants a healthy and glowing skin that helps us to look beautiful and attractive. We wonder how sizzling we can appear with an even and soft supple skin. Simply it needs tons of efforts to achieve the same. Dry and Patchy skin is the most common issue seen in dry skin beauties. But now you can easily attain super silky face at home by following these home remedies. Natural treatment will take an upper hand since they are good and safe to be used. So, friends see what you can do to get rid of the patchiness and uneven skin texture.

How to get rid of Patchy Skin Tone and Unevenness

Aloe vera gel and lavender oil for patchy skin

Aloe Vera gel is a good source of ski healing fatty acids and anti-oxidants that improve the natural skin complexion and induce blood circulation in the skin. It makes the skin smooth, soft and naturally glowing. Moreover, it prevents wrinkles and removes fine lines. Lavender oil at the same time, is a great skin healer and removes the skin patches and unevenness. It is very beneficial to dry skin type people. As it protects your skin from patches and restores moisture in it.

How to apply it?

Take one aloe vera gel leaf, now cut it from both the sides to remove thorns.

Now cut the leaf into small pieces and use a blender to blend its gel

Now take that aloevera gel in a small bowl.

Add 2 full spoons of lavender oil in it

Finally mix both the ingredients well and apply it onto your face and skin

Wash it thoroughly with warm water after 30 minutes. This is a good face pack for patchy skin tone

Curd and honey for Patchy skin tone:

natural treatments for patchy skin tone curd honey

Patches are the major cause of uneven skin tone. To make the skin baby soft, curd can be used in numerous way. It contains natural fats and vitamins that inject life into your skin and keeps it healthy and glowing. It will help you get rid of the patchy skin tone. Honey cures dry skin excellently. It adds glow and smoothness to your face. Moreover, it also consists of amino acids and anti-bacterial properties that protect your face against acne and blemishes. You can try this recipe once or twice in a week to fade the patchy skin tone.

How to apply it?

Take 4 full spoons of yoghurt in a small bowl

Add 1 ½  full spoons of honey and mix both the ingredients well using a spoon or whisker

Now apply this mask onto your clean face and other skin areas gently

Massage it for a few minutes and rinse off with normal water.

Shea butter and milk for patchy skin

natural treatments for patchy skin tone shea butter

Shea butter is a natural skin conditioner which heals the dryness of the skin. Moreover, this will also smooth out the skin and removes dryness instantly. This remedy will retain and restore the lost moisture level in your face and gives a tint of glow. It is rich in vitamin-E and vitamin-A that are very good for the skin health. Milk is a good source of fats and anti-bacterial properties that whitens your skin naturally. You you do not have shea butter then do try milk cream and rose water.

How to apply it?

Take 5 spoons of raw milk in a small bowl

Add 2 spoons of shea butter in it

Now mix both the things really well using a whisker

Let it sit for 20 minutes

Now apply it onto your face and skin and massage slowly.

Be gentle and massage in circular motion

Rinse it off by using a cotton bowl or napkin after 25 minutes of application.

Papaya and glycerin for patchy skin tone

natural treatments for patchy skin tone papaya glycerin

Papaya is a super fruit to repair uneven skin tone and give moisture to your skin. It instantly glows up your face and body after a single use This is why we use papaya for glowing skin. Moreover, this contains high amount of fiber and enzymes that maintains skin elasticity. Glycerin at the same time, works on removing patches and dry flakes from the skin. You can treat uneven skin tone and cure patchy skin tone with this remedy faster. But you have to make sure that you use this 3 times in a week.

How to apply it?

Take some papaya slices and mash them properly.

Add 2 full spoons of glycerin in it and mix evenly.

Now apply it onto your clean face and skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Thereafter, you can rinse this pack off with normal water.

So, friends, these were the herbal remedies that you can do at home. These will help you get rid of the patchy skin complexion faster and without spending much on the treatments. I will also advise you to try these remedies continuously and regularly so that the skin gets healed quickly. As when you are not regular with the remedies then there can be not so fast results.

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