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7 Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in Dark Lipsticks

bollywood actresses in dark lipsticks featured 665

Bollywood Actresses in Deep Dark lipsticks Whatever our Bollywood divas wear, become an instant fashions statement same goes for the makeup too. You may have seen our Bollywood actresses sporting deep dark lipstick shades. Such shades make them look sultry and glamorous. So, here dark lipsticks looks lot better with smokey eyes since they can compliment each other beautifully. Whereas ...

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6 Bollywood Actresses in Red Lipsticks: Take Inspiration

bollywood acresses in RED lipsticks

Bollywood Actresses in Red lipsticks Hi everyone!! I just love red. In lipsticks shades, my personal favorite is red. I had posted about our Bollywood actresses in orange lipsticks yesterday and today I will be sharing celebrities donning red lipstick. Red is a very Indian bridal color. Also unlike pink which can be tricky to wear there is a shade ...

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6 Top Bollywood Actresses in Orange Lipstick

bollywood acresses in orange lipsticks

Bollywood Actresses in Orange Lipstick Orange is such a spring summer specific color that looks refreshing when worn in summers. Our Bollywood Actresses are trendsetter and whatever they wear become eye catching. Also, these days orange or tangerine colors are so much in fashion that everyone seems to like them. I personally love orange lip colors. Lipstick lovers who do ...

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10 Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in Sunglasses: Latest trends

Bollywood Actresses in Sunglasses: Latest trends

Bollywood Actresses in Sunglasses Sunglasses help protect your eye from the sun’s harmful rays. And of course they do add a style and coolness to the personality and the outfit. We have earlier seen that the sunglasses should be as per the face shapes though you may try different style of sunglasses with different outfits. One can try with different ...

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10 Best Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Actresses / Divas

Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Actresses / Divas

Beauty Secrets of Actresses When we see our favorite star or actresses in films we tend to think, what should be their beauty regimen or beauty secrets that they have such great glowing skin or hair. We all have beauty secrets and our pretty actresses too have their own beauty secrets which help to make them gorgeous on the screen. ...

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