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11 Effective Ayurvedic Treatments for Dry and Damaged Hair Care

Ayurvedic Hair treatments for Rough and Dry hair

Healthy and shiny hair is not less a blessing in today’s environment.  You need to take care and make adequate efforts to maintain lustrous locks and look beautiful as always. Women desire for smooth and silky hair, for this they try hair styling and chemicals. But it makes your hair dry, brittle and prone to hair loss and premature whitening. Some ...

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Overnight Honey Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipe and Benefits

Olive Oil and Honey Overnight Hair Mask Recipe

Overnight Honey & Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipe and Benefits Natural hair mask is essential for providing deep nourishment to the hair and to give the hair immense moisturization. With pollution, sun exposure and chlorinated water can also damage the hair. Hair can become dry and damaged with no shine and luster. At times, we get tempted to try the ...

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How to treat Dry Damaged hair in a week? Reader’s Query

How to treat Dry Damaged hair in a week

Readers Query: How to treat Dry Damaged hair in a week Dry and damaged hair look terrible and ruins your entire look. Dry and damaged hair is also really hard to manage. Dry rough hair gets messy and frizzy when the season changes so what can we do. This is the query that one of our readers asked us recently. ...

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How to give yourself overnight hot oil treatment: Benefits

hot oil treatment at home

How to give yourself an overnight hot oil massage Hot oil massage is truly miraculous when one is suffering from dry damaged hair, split ends and rough hair with damage. Hot oils seep into the scalp and nourished the hair from roots to tips. Hot oil massage and treatment also make the rough hair manageable and keeps the frizzy hair ...

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Homemade Hair Conditioner for Dry Damaged hair and Benefits

Homemade Hair Conditioner recipe and Benefits for damaged hair

Homemade Hair Conditioners for dry damaged hair Lately have you been suffering from dry damaged hair which are rough and split ends? The damage can be due to the excessive usage of heat and chemical styling or they can be due to not taking proper care of the hair which had caused the damaged hair condition. But all you need ...

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