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5 Homemade Neem Packs for Pimples, Acne and Dark Spots

Neem face packs for acne pimples and dark spots

Our skin is the most sensitive part that needs regular care to remain healthy and glowing. It not only protects other organs, but also fights against tiny bacteria. So, it is very important to give time and put efforts on its maintenance and life. Skin troubles like acne, spots, blemishes are hard to cure and gives so painful nights. Those ...

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6 Lemon Beauty Hacks for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

Lemon Beauty Hacks for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

Lemon Beauty Hacks We love lemons they are great for making refreshing lemonade. Lemon are highly rich in Vitamin C which gives body its dose of vitamin C which keep the skin, hair and gums healthy. Vitamin C is also a great antioxidant which help to freshen up the body in summers. But other than these benefits there are numerous ...

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Use Lemon Juice to Remove Dark Spots

Effective Ways to use lemon for dark spots

How to use lemon juice to remove dark spots Are the dark spots on your face bothering you? In today’s post at Tips and beauty.com, we will cover easy remedies to treat black spots, dark spots on the face using lemon juice. When we say dark spots that can be aging spots, liver spots or dark black spots because of ...

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