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10 Best Oily Skin Face Wash and Cleansers India with Price List

10 best cleansers for oily skin

10 Best Oily Skin Cleansers and Face Wash in India Do you have oily skin that needs constant cleaning? Oils and sebum becomes quite annoying when the skin is oily. If you are not aware about what skin type you have? Then read our post on how to know the skin type at home. Your oily or combination skin may ...

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10 Best Cleansing Milks Available in India with Prices

cleansing milk

Skin care starts with a very vital step which is cleansing the skin. Soaps, foaming skin cleansers can dry out the skin but cleansing milks are useful when you need express cleansing and don’t want any further dryness caused by the soaps. Cleansing milks are also a great way to purify your skin and make it free from the dirt ...

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Godrej No 1 Pimple Control Face Wash with Neem Orange Review, Price

Godrej No 1 Pimple Control face wash review and price

I will review Godrej No 1 Pimple Control face wash. Pimples and acne can be really troublesome for the teenagers and even the adults. Pimples can make us conscious and what drives us more crazy are the pimple marks that are left behind. This is the reason why I got this Godrej No 1 Pimple Control face wash. This face ...

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Natural Face Cleansers for Oily skin, Dry skin and Acne prone

natural face cleansers for oily skin dry skin

Have you ever thought that rather than using the chemically prepared skin care products, we can also use the natural face cleansers for getting a squeaky clean face. Yes, that’s true. A good skin care starts with proper cleansing the face. Face cleaning makes an appropriate base for the other products to get into the skin better so that the ...

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Pond’s Oil Control Mattifying Face wash Review, Price

Pond’s Oil Control Mattifying Face wash Review

I will review Pond’s Oil Control Mattifying face wash. When the skin is oily then it becomes really difficult to manage oily skin during summers. The constant oiliness and breakouts can bother us so, the easiest way to keep the oil and greasiness away for sometime is to go with a cleanser that can remove oils effectively. This Pond’s Oil ...

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