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6 Homemade Cinnamon Face packs: Pimple, Anti aging, glowing skin

homemade Cinnamon face packs

Cinnamon has numerous skin and hair benefits. It is a good acne treatment, anti aging treatment as it boosts the collagen production, improves blood circulation and fades the marks from the skin. Cinnamon’s antiseptic properties make it a very good treatment to cure pimples and acne. Some herbal ready made face packs and cream also contain cinnamon extracts due to ...

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7 (Malai) Milk Cream Face Packs for fairness for dry skin

milk cream face packs

Milk Cream Face Packs for fairness, dry skin, winters and dull skin Milk cream also known as Malai in Hindi, is thick creamy and hence used in lot of skin care products especially formulated for dry skin to give extra moisture boost. Milk cream is loaded with minerals and lactic acid which enhances the complexion, makes the dry and rough ...

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