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11 Best Face Primers for Dry Skin in India: Our Top Picks!!

11 best face primers for dry skin

Best Face Primers for Dry Skin in India A face primer is thought of just yet another beauty product. But is it really true that primers are just an added product? Well No! they are in fact quite helpful.  Like for dry skin they will give further moisturization and for oily skin they keep the skin oil free a tad ...

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10 Best Face Primers in India for Oily, Dry and Normal skin

face primers in india

A face primer helps to make the skin smoother and even by filling in fine lines and pores, preparing the skin for the foundation. Primers also helps to make the foundation stay a lot longer and doesn’t slip or melt easily. Face primers should be hydrating for dry skin while for oily skin it should have oil control and shine ...

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