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10 Top Best Hair Serums Available in India with price

hair serums in India price online

Best Hair Serums available in India For Dry, Frizzy and Damaged Hair Hair serums have become the much needed product these days as they can keep down the frizz, detangles the hair after the wash so that the breakage is reduced. These hair serums also add a glossy shine to the hair for a more finished and polished look. But ...

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Oshea Smoother Hair Serum Review, Price and How to Use

oshea hair serum review

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum Review: Hi everyone, Hair serums are good to tame the frizzy dry hair. Serums are also suitable for hair that needs shine. I will review Oshea Smoother Hair Serum in this post. I got this 3 weeks ago. So, now I am ready with the review of this hair serum. Hair serums are not like the regular oils that weighs ...

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10 Best Garnier Hair Products in India

10 Best Garnier hair products in India

Garnier Hair Products in India Garnier products are quite popular in India with the shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and even the hair serums. In this post, we will share some good garnier hair care products along with their prices.

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Livon Moroccan Silk Serum Review, Price and how to use

livon moroccon silk serum review

 Livon Moroccan Silk Serum Review, Price and how to use Hi girls, we love to get the smoother hair which is silkier and softer. Hair serums were not that popular earlier but from the past few years we have seen so many serums being launched. I still remember I used to apply Livon serum when this was launched around 9-10 ...

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Homemade Leave in Hair Serum for Dry Hair : Benefits

Homemade Leave in Hair Serum for Dry Hair

Homemade Leave in Hair Serum for Dry Hair. Dry hair is more prone to the frizz especially when we go out in summers. High temperature causes the dry hair to get brittle, dull and lifeless. There comes the need for leave in hair serums. Do you know that hair serums not only disables the hair but they also conditions the ...

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