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How to use (Gudhal) Hibiscus Flower Powder for Hair Growth

hibiscus for hair regrowth

How to use Hibiscus (Gudhal) Powder and Flower for Hair Re-growth Long and thick hair has always been a desire for every woman. But due to heavy chemical treatments and abnormal conditions, you get your tresses cut for like to overcome for damaged and long dry hair. From today you can let your hair grow and feel extremely good about its look ...

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9 Remedies with Hibiscus Flower to Treat Hair Loss and Hair Fall

Hibiscus Flower to Treat Hair Loss and Hair Fall

Hibiscus flower is also known as China Rose or gudhal in Hindi. This flower is considered sacred but it’s medicinal properties are also well known. If hair fall is that major problem that you are facing then hibiscus can surely help control the hair loss. Hair loss and baldness is something which none of us would want. Hibiscus has several ...

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8 Top Herbs to Keep the Hair Healthy

Top Herbs to keep the hair healthy

Top Herbs to Keep the Hair Healthy Who doesn’t want healthy hair. We all want thicker, stronger and hair that is thicker or lustrous but fee from the problems like hair fall, hair loss, alopecia etc. To treat the various hair problems we would go for expensive hair care products to treat dandruff, hair loss tret etc but have you ...

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Hair Pack for Hair Loss: Hibiscus, Curry leaves and Amla juice

Hair pack for hair loss with Hibiscus, curry leaves and amla juice

Hibiscus, curry leaves and amla juice Hair pack for hair loss Is hair loss and thinning hair with small bald patches has become your thing of the constant worry? We know that hair is very precious and important for both makes and females. Men with thicker luscious hair are considered younger for a longer time and same applies for women. ...

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Hibiscus Uses for Hair: Benefits in Hair loss, Hair fall, Hair regrowth

Hibiscus for Hair Uses, Benefits

Hibiscus also known as gudhal in Hindi, is extremely beneficial for hair. This flower along with its leaves is used in so many ways to fight hair fall, induce hair growth and also gives satisfactory results in bald patches. It is also said that hibiscus dyes the hair and prevents premature aging. All these properties are due to the high ...

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