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Home Remedies and Treatment for Swollen Gums

Written by Ratna Balani Home remedies for swollen gums: Swollen gums are a common issue seen in many young adults and teenagers. Do you know, it  causes lots of pain and unease in the mouth. You may find it difficult to eat and swallow anything. The tissues that form gums are fibrous, thick and blood vessels. Swollen gums may result ...

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How to treat Dark Circles with Potatoes

potatoes to cure dark circles under the eyes

Treat dark circles with potatoes Dark circles make you look tired and as if you haven’t slept properly for days. You may have heard we girls saying that they have to take their beauty sleep, with that we mean that sleep is important since when we sleep our skin and body rejuvenates and heals itself. Dark circles can also be ...

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How to use baking soda for blackheads removal

How to use baking soda for blackheads removal 2

How to use baking soda for blackheads removal Are you tired you those tiny grayish black dot on your nose or chin etc. Those are blackheads which are hardened sebum which looks quite prominent on the face when one does not take care of the face properly or would have excessive hyperactive sebaceous glands. So, have you thought about using ...

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How to Get Rid of Blackheads Faster from face

how to get rid of blackheads faster

Home remedies to get rid of blackheads faster from face, nose, cheeks etc Tiny dot like beads over the nose, cheeks, chin etc are known as blackheads. Blackheads are nothing but distant cousins of whiteheads. When your skin pores get clogged with dead skin and the hardened sebum. This gets oxidized to form a blackhead. When this pore blockage is ...

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Use Lemon Juice to Remove Dark Spots

Effective Ways to use lemon for dark spots

How to use lemon juice to remove dark spots Are the dark spots on your face bothering you? In today’s post at Tips and beauty.com, we will cover easy remedies to treat black spots, dark spots on the face using lemon juice. When we say dark spots that can be aging spots, liver spots or dark black spots because of ...

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