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Uses of Reetha for Hair: Uses and Benefits of Soapnut

  How to use Reetha for hair: Uses and benefits of Soapnut Reetha or soap nut is quite a popular natural product which is extensively used in the natural hair care. Reetha is a round wrinkly fruit with a round black hard nut inside. The outer skin is reddish brown in color and is used in the hair care products ...

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How to use Reetha for shiny hair and beautiful hair

reetha for shiny hair

By Ratna Balani How to use Reetha for shiny hair: Shiny and smooth hairs are a dream for all sensation young females. You purchase various professional hair products that claim high results but do not do so. Reetha is a best natural therapy for all the hair troubles. This single material is used in many Ayurvedic treatments and medicines. It ...

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How to Wash the Hair with Reetha or Soap Nut : Benefits

Wash the Hair with Reetha

Reetha to wash the hair sounds good! Reetha, which is also known as soap nut is very beneficial for hair. Soap nuts are round hollow nuts with black dense seeds in them. The outer layer which is a dark brownish in color is the part that we use for the hair care products. That part is rich in vitamins, minerals ...

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