Best Pimple cream/ Acne products in India with price

pimple creams in indiaBest Pimple cream/ Acne products in India

Pimple and Acne not only haunts teenagers but even the adults can face this bout of acne which leaves marks and spots. One need to make sure that a good pimple/ acne skin care regimen is followed along with some acne pimple clearing products with ingredients like salicylic acid, clove etc which can help a lot in clearing the acne and pimple infection. When the acne is severe, it is recommended that you should see a dermatologist. Mild acne and pimples can be treated with these pimple care product in India We have compiled this list of acne product that you can find in India along with their price online.

Pimple/ Acne products in India

VLCC Acne Care 3 Day On Spot Corrector

UntitledVLCC 3 days acne product is a clear gel with the goodness and healing ingredients like clove which is known for the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. This gel purifies the skin and cleanses the skin to prevent the pimple occurrence. It also has Salicylic acid which dries out the pimples to heal them fast. This gel also decreases oil production and makes skin clear. It is for 79 rupees.

Lotus Herbals Acne gel Tea Tree Anti Pimple & Acne Gel

lotus acne gelThis gel helps regulating oil producing glands in the skin thereby also controls the pimples and acne. It removes scars, marks and pimples from the face. It is for 225 Rupees.

Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector

kayaKaya Purifying Spot corrector has intensive spot clearing and correcting ingredients that instantly and immediately works to get rid of the problem of acne. The light and clear gel formula gets absorbed well and dries quickly which fades the marks. It also has Salicylic acid which heals the pimples and the Glycolic acid which dry out the blemishes. This acne corrector is for 350 Rupees.

Fab India Clove Gel Pack

fabindia clove packThis clove gel pack is a light cream base pack which is designed especially for the oily skin. It purifies the skin and pores on a deeper level and controls the sebum production. When applied on the acne, it reduces the redness and the infections causes by the bacteria. Clove is antimicrobial which makes this good for oily skin. This pimple/acne gel pack for pimples is for 225 rupees.

Himalaya Herbals Acne and Pimple Cream

himalaya pimple creamHimalaya Acne-n-Pimple Cream has antiseptic, astringent and skin soothing properties which treat pimples and the skin problems. This pimple cream is for 49 rupees.

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Pimple Control Pen

garnier pimple penGarnier pimples clear pen is a clear gel with the pimple clearing properties and is dermatologically tested. This pimple cream is made from the natural herbs and ingredients which helps fight pimples and gives a flawless skin. The gel has vitamin B3, eucalyptus and menthol which nourishes the skin and heals pimples and acne soon. This pimple gel is for 99 Rupees.

Revlon Touch & Glow Pimple Corrector

revlon touch and glow pimple penRevlon pimple corrector has skin healing and pimple clearing ingredients like salicylic acid, Acnacidol, and witch hazel extracts. It also reduces sebum and prevents clogging of pores and breakouts due to that. It also prevents blackheads and tightens the appearance of pores for a flawless clear skin.

Bajaj No marks Pimple Cream

no marks pimple creamNo Marks pimple cream moisturizes the skin and at the same time clear the pimple infection. This cream is ideal for oily acne prone skin. It also provides fairness. It is for 85 rupees and contains almond, aloe and lemon extracts.

Shahnaz Husain Sha clove Pimple cream

shanaz hussain sha cloveThis Shahnaz hussain pimple cream is for oily acne pimple prone skin it is formulated with clove oil, zinc oxide etc which clear out the skin.

Clearsil Pimple clearing gel

clearsil pimple creamThis gel is dermatologically tested and light gel like formula which prevents the breakouts and heals the acne and pimples effectively. This is for 99 rupees.

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  1. I am a student my problem is pimple pleas tell me about pimple midicine

  2. hi my problem pimple and dark spots so plz tell me

    • You can get a gel cream from the chemist called clindamycin phosphate gel. That will clear your skin but apply that only at night time.

      Also use a neem face wash and scrub the face 2 times in a week with a face scrub.

  3. hi, i have mild to moderate acne on my face for more than 15 years now. recently i had a massive break out on my face. i doubt if it is beacuse of my make up which i wear to cover my blemishes. two months back i had been to a dermatologist and he prescribed azithromycin for 5 days and nadoxin (morning gel ) and microbenzac (night get). my skin is super oily however i cant go out without a make up on as my face is full of marks and blemishes. please advice

    • Hi Jibsey,

      Makeup blocks the skin pores which leads to more acne. In that case, try using oil free makeup products like foundation. I can understand when the skin is blemishes we cant do without the makeup. You can try applying tomato juice everyday fr 15 minutes. that helps in lightening the marks. take steam every week for 5 minutes which deeply cleanses the pores. I got lots of benefits by steaming my face which was very oily a couple of years ago.

  4. Mare face bahut oily hai ise karan mare face bahut pimples hai plz help me…maine bahut cream use kiya par koi improvement nhi hua mare face pe red pimples hai

  5. I have pimple prone oily sensitive skin n i have many Pimples acnes and rashes over my face.. there are tiniest blemishes and rashes too.. fighting with the worse scars also.. have used many kinda creams, gels and medical creams.. but all in Vain.. need help for real..

  6. I have pimple prone oily sensitive skin n i have many Pimples acnes and rashes over my face.. there are tiniest blemishes and rashes too.. fighting with the worse scars also.. have used many kinda creams, gels and medical creams.. but all in Vain.. need help for real.

    • Hi Puja, I had such a problem earlier and then I used to steam the face for 5-6 minutes once in a week and the problem lies in the clogged pores which steaming can surely help. After the steaming use a rice flour face scrub by mixing with some honey to scrub the dead skin. Try this and it will surely help.
      In the night time, Use Clindamycin phosphate gel by Galderma this will combat the bacterial infection.

  7. hlo mam,,,
    i’ve pimple prone oily face since start of my monthly…..i tried maxm all thngs visited doctr also….bt its nt gone permanently…wen i used sm of d prodct n remedies it gone for a while bt after sum time its again happ’g….wat to do…plz help me…

    • Hi Kiran,

      I can understand pimple prone skin is hard to manage. You should steam your face once in a week for 5-6 minutes then try a face scrub. then use a face toner. This will keep the pores clean.
      Use neem and multani pack 3 times in a week this will surely help but you will have to be consistent as when yous top using it then the problem will arises earlier.

  8. Hii madam,
    Iam having oily face and some little hole’s . I tried many treatment but no use… Plz suggest me some ointments and tips.
    Also tell me the use of clear gel.

    • You can try multani mitti face pack, it really helps.
      You should also scrub your face as this removes the dead skin and gradually the skin becomes smoother and even.

  9. Hi mam,, I am a student. I have many red pimple and dark spots in my face.I tried mxmum things….visited doctors also… itis not gone permenatly.when I used th product its gone bt after a while its again hppn’g…..plz suggest me….I need help for real.

  10. Hi mam,,,, I’m a student. I have many red pimple and dark spots in my face. I tried mxmum thgs….visited doctors… it is not gone permanently.when I use the product its gone bt after some days its again hppn’g.plz suggest me…….i need help for real.

    • Hi Joyshree,
      I would suggest you to apply clindamycin phosphate gel every night before going to sleep. Use a gel based sunscreen in the day time. Steam your face once in a week for just 5-6 minutes, then scrub the face. Use lemon juice in the evening for 10 minutes then rinse the face. This will surely work.

  11. Mam face skin pe black spot spot or blackish h kon sa product use kru maine nivea all in one use kia h bt koi fayada ni hua

  12. Mam face skin pe black spot spot or blackish h kon sa product use kru maine nivea all in one use kia h bt koi fayada ni hua jis se skin me whitening b aa jaye

    • Hi Gurjeet, You can try applying some papaya juice over the skin which will exfoliate the skin and also lightens the complexion.

  13. Hi maam! i’m a college student. I have tried several natural medicine but i couldn’t prevent my acne and blackheads too.I have oily skin.kindly suggest medicines for me.Thank you

  14. Hello mam
    I control my acne but there still redness is present in my face. What should i do?

  15. Hello maam.. .
    I am college student. I have oil skin
    I control my acne but there still redness is presentin my face. what should I do?

    • Hi Abhishek,

      You can apply sandalwood paste that is soothing or you can daily apply some aloe vera gel and then leave that for 20 minutes. Then rinse your face with clean water. This will help to sooth the skin and heal the redness.

  16. mam,
    i m suffer from acne with1year .Many doc treatmnt i m done and many medicine i m take bt i can’t relief with that problm.
    mam plzzz told me wht can i do for relief tht problm and wht i m doing?

    • You should apply clindamycin gel or benzoyl peroxide gel at night. This will help to cure the acne. You should also try sunscreen in the day time and try to scrub the face 2-3 times in a week to keep the skin pores clean.

  17. Hi ma’am! Greetings..
    m an air steward I hav pimples, blacheads n lots of open pores … also very dull looking skin… I was suggested 2 use betnovatit n cosmolite cream for it.. but not happy with results in fact…. plz plz do suggest me a good n permanent remedy… as m very concerned about my career would spoil cause of this 🙁

    • Hi Premsagar,

      I will not suggest those creams since when you use them then the problem starts again.
      I will suggest you to scrub the face 2 times in a day and use multani mitti face pack to keep the pores clean. The problems that you have having is majorly due to the blocked pores.
      therefore, You can do these 2 remedies that I suggested.
      Moreover, use honey on the ace daily. Just take some on the fingers and smear on the entire face then wash after 20 minutes. This will further keep the skin clean and fades marks from pimples.
      Don’t worry, you can try this routine and you will see the change.

  18. hello mam
    I’m a student and lived away from my home for study,and I’m having pimple and scar problm,my face bcome oily by the uses of cream for relief.and due to these creams my skintone fair colour goes down and starting slowly slowly dark and my face become reddish when i rub it

    • Hi Shubham,

      You can try using tomato juice on the face everyday and wash after 30 minutes. This has to be done daily in the evening time. You can also use sunscreen when you go in the sun. For pimples use multani mitti face pack. or just apply some plain honey on the face.

  19. Hi,

    I am marketing executive. There are lot of blemishes with dark spots on my forehead. There are also black scars on my face due to pimples. There are lot of herbal & Ayurveda creams available in market. Recently I have heard of Bio-oil. Will this Bio oil will work for me. Kindly advise.

    • Hi,

      I have bio oil and have used that. But I wont advise you to apply on the face. Rather you can apply some tomato juice every night and wash in the morning. The marks will be lightened. You can use a day cream with SPF in the day time. Other than that you dont need anything else.

  20. i have pimples on my face pimples marks black on my eyes and my lips are so black suggest me plzzz

  21. I am suffered from cystic acne it is painful and it bothers a lot plz suggest how to get rid of this

    • Hi Shubham,

      For cystic acne, you can try benzoyl peroxide gel or retinol based cream. They will be available at a chemist shop.

  22. im 19 years old . on my cheeks n sorrounded by nose pimples r there n fwgite fluid coming out . please help me out from this

  23. hello i hv pimple and dark spot in my face i tried so many product but no use then i went to doctor he hd given me some medicine but didnt work. I feel bad. Kindly help me

    • Hi Benisha,

      Honestly, when I get dark spots due to acne/pimples, I will make sure to apply tomato juice daily on the face and then wash after 30 minutes.
      And you should also scrub the face 3 times in a week, this will bosot the cell renewal rate and the dark spots will get lighter.
      Just try it, it will work.

  24. Hi Niesha,

    My skin colour is fade and pimples with darkspot too.. I try so many expensive product on my skin but no effect its get more darker my face skin and more pimples and my skin is oily too.. Let me knlw any best fairness treatkent or acne treatment product for my face..

    • Hi Suman,

      Honestly, I too have tried a lot of expensive product but the way natural treatments give relief nothing can give that. You can try benzoyl peroxide gel on the face at night. this will clear the acne and for the fairness. you can apply some tomato juice and honey mixture. Wash after 20 minutes. I too do this daily and this has made my oily skin better.

      • Hi Niesha,

        Your most thanks for your suggestion . one thing i want to let you know i am working in night shift so night cream or gel is fine for face means my i dont want my face looks ugly or too oily .. let me know your suggestion please

  25. hii ..mam mera face pa pimples to khatam hogay ha ..but unka spots rehgay ha or gadha bhi pad gaya ha…plss help me

    • Hi Tousif,

      You should apply some tomato juice every night when you go to sleep. Then wash in the morning. Also scrub the face 2 times in a week to lighten the dark spots on the face.

  26. Hi Niesha,

    you suggest me benzoyl peroxide gel can i go for this product PROACTIV CORE KIT because i didnt find this gel online in india .. let me know your view or suggest me few names if you have than please..

  27. hiii ,

    mam . i have pimple and i want to remove it ….

    how to remove pimple & marks of pimple pls give me some suggestion ……..

    • You can apply neem face pack 2 times in a week. and at night apply tomato juice then wash in the morning. This will lighten the marks.