4 Ways to Use Honey for Glowing Skin: Benefits of Honey

Use Honey for Glowing Skin

Honey is a fabulous product that heals the skin gives anti septic benefits and also keep the skin moisture locked liked honey because of these wonderful quality. But do you want glow on your face using honey? Yes that is correct honey has so many minerals and beneficial compounds that it gives a healthy glowing skin when used on the face in the form of honey packs, masks and lotions. I will share 4 ways with which honey will bring beautiful shining glow on your face.

ways to get glowing skin with honey

How Honey Gives a Glow on the Face?

Honey is a fortified with the essential nutrients, antioxidants and some skin healing substances. It has anti septic benefits and also fights off the acne causing germs. Honey is a natural humectant which retains the moisture in the skin. This moisture retention capability helps to give a glow on the skin. Dry skin which feels stretchy and parched can be healed with using honey. For oily skin honey plays an bacteria eliminating role therefore will keep the skin acne free and glowing.

Homemade Recipes to Use Honey for Glowing Skin

1. Lemon and Honey Lotion for Glowing Skin

You need to obtain 2 things, Organic pure honey and lemon. Now mix one lemon’s juice with 1 teaspoonful of honey. Use this honey lotion on your face like you massage your face with a lotion. This will make the honey and lemon juice mixture go into the skin and skin gets a glow. Keep this for 30 minutes then wash off with water. Do you know that as a bonus, this lotion will remove the sun tan and darkening?

honey for gloiwng skin

2. Honey Massage Cream Recipe for Glowing Skin

To prepare a homemade massage cream with honey. Take a small chunk of banana and mash with a spoon or finger so that you get a smooth pulp like paste. In that add 1 teaspoonful of honey. Ix them and use on the face like massaging cream. You have to massage with this banana and honey cream for 5 minutes then leave this on the face for 20 minutes after which you can go and wash your face. Try this 2 times in a week for a glow that lasts longer on your face. By the way, this is a best recipe for dry skin.

3. Honey and Papaya Mask for Glow On Face

Take one thin slice of the papaya. Keep this in a plate and mash with your fingers or with a spoon. Mix some honey in it and apply on the face. Wash after 30 minutes. This honey glowing skin face pack can be tried by everyone and all the skin types. This is a also good for men who have black spots, marks and dull skin. This is perfect to get glow and softness on the skin.

honey packs for glowing skin

4. Sugar and Honey Facial Scrub for Glowing Face

Scrubs are good to boost the smootheness and glow on the face. When you scrub the uppermost dead skin goes away and your sin gets mother. When the skin gets smoother it glow naturally. For this facial honey scrub. Mix honey and sugar in equal amounts. Then use that to massage the face and scrub the face gently. This will enhance the blood flow and skin looks glowing.

Benefits of Using Honey on the Face

Honey will moisturize the facial skin

It gives anti aging features to the skin so that skin stays younger for long.

It is very moisturizing and skin soothing therefore honey will keep the skin dryness aways and also soothes the irritated skin in summers.

Honey clarifies the skin pores due to which the whiteheads and blackheads on the skin are leaser

Honey also improvise the skin complexion.

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