10 Beautiful Bridal Mehendi Designs Images for Feet (2020)

Latest Bridal Mehendi Designs Images for Feet

Henna application is an integral part of Indian and Pakistani weddings. Heena brings good luck and prosperity. The mehendi adorned hands are good luck symbol for the brides. In fact, in hindus, an entire ceremony is dedicated to this Mehendi application ritual. So, brides will experiment with the beautiful design to make their hands and feet look beautiful. Mehendi is applied on the hands and feet. The mehendi design and patterns can be chosen out of the several designs and it can be simple till the hands and feet only but some brides prefer the application till the arms and calves as well. Here we have compiled some beautiful feet mehendi designs for the brides and their female family members.

mehendi designs for brides

10 Best Latest Mehendi Designs for Feet for Brides-To-Be

Here are some really interesting mehendi designs that brides will love to apply. These bridal feet mehendi designs will help you look stunning and girls gasping at your mehendi.

1. Rajasthani Mehendi for Feet

Rajasthani Mehendi for Feet

This foot mehendi design is adorned with the Rajasthani designs which is quite intricate and looks alluring The leafy and peacock loaded pattern is over the toes and goes till the ankle. This is a very beautiful feet mehendi design that looks great on brides.

2. Intricate Feet Mehndi

Intricate Feet Mehndi

This design is not covering the entire feet but only the toes and the centre circle which sits on the top part of the foot. The beauty lies in the intricate tiny dotted designs that look gorgeous on brides.

3. Side Mehendi for Bride’s Feet

Side Mehendi for Bride's Feet

This design is far from the regular design but looks amazing. The pattern on the side of the feet and the tiny motifs on the toes makes this look stunning. This design can be used by the bridesmaid as well.

4. Slanted Feet Mehndi Design for Brides

Slanted Feet Mehndi Design for Brides

This is a design that is not spread all over the feet but a bit slanted like it starts from the first toes and goes till the other side. The ankle is adorned with a band like design so, this is one of the best design who brides who wishes to get something different than the regular design. See the best 30 Arabic Mehendi designs

5. Bridal Feet Mehndi Design

Bridal Feet Mehndi Design

This design is spread all the way across till the calves. This is a very beautiful bridal design that is for brides who want to get an elaborate design that should cover a lot of skin. The circular designs in the middle look alluring.

6. Simple Bridal mehendi For Feet

Simple Bridal mehendi For Feet

This is a simple design that is for bride and bridesmaid. The semicircular motifs are designed with dots and lines. The leafy pattern has a quite spacy design.

7. Floral Hands and Feet Mehndi Design

Floral Hands and Feet Mehndi Design

The design above is a very floral design which is very appropriate for the modern Indian Brides. The floral motifs are appealing. The captivating small designs on the toes make it even more delicate and pretty.

8. Marwadi Feet Mehndi Design

Marwadi Feet Mehndi Design

This is a marwadi inspired feet mehendi design. The middle area has geometric design filled with floral pattern. The top part on the anklet is adorned with the paisley designed.

9. Latest Hands and Feet Bridal Mehndi Pattern

Latest Hands and Feet Bridal Mehndi Pattern

This feet mehendi pattern is adorned with the geometric pattern on the front of the feet and after that floral design is used. The top of the part has the peacock design.

10. Pailsey and Floral Mehndi For Feet

Pailsey and Floral Mehndi For Feet

This is rich in paisleys and floral pattern. The top part is rich with the small paisley and peacock motifs. This goes till half the ankles which makes this very bridal appropriate.

In India, the Hindu and Muslim weddings are not fulfilled unless mehendi is not applied. It also signifies the bond between husband and wife. Moreover, even after the wedding for several ceremonies, married women will apply mehendi as a symbol and sign of goodwill and good health of her husband.

How to Darken your Mehendi

Here are few steps about darkening the mehendi designs on your feet that you can follow.

  • Always put mehendi on clean hands and once the designs is completed and dried, use few drops of clove oil.
  • Clove oil will help to darken your mehendi and make it stay longer.
  • At least keep the mehendi on the hands for 7-8 hours, After which you can remove it or the dried flakes gets scrubbed off on its own.
  • Do not wash the feet to remove the dried mehendi.
  • Once the dried mehendi is scrapped off, use some mustard or mehendi oil on the palms and feet to darken it further.

Mehendi looks great with the lehenga, salwar suits and sarees. Even if you are not the bride still you can apply these gorgeous designs to adorn you feet.

So, do you like like these mehendi designs for feet? If yes,which is the one you liked?

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