10 Best Facial Kits for Oily Skin, Acne Prone Skin in India (2022)

10 best facial kits for oily skin in india

Facial kits can give you that ease to have glowing skin right at the comfort of your home. When it comes to oily skin, choosing the right facial for oily skin can definitely do wonders for your skin. Oily skin is characterized by the appearance of shine and greasiness when you wake up. This generally happens when the sebum glands on your face become over secretive. Too much sebum release will make the skin look oily and greasy to touch. So, what is the way to take care of the oily acne prone face? Through facial kits for oily skin, which are very easily available in India.

Proper cleansing, scrubbing once in while and application of face packs is the key to attain a good healthy looking facial skin. There are numerous facial kits that are there but we should choose the facial as per the skin type. This is because the ingredients in facial kits are not for every skin type. Though there are facials available that every skin type can use, but still it is advisable to use facial that suits you the most. Failing to do so can make your skin pores clogged and irritation with redness. In this post at TipsandBeauty.com, we will share the best facial kits for oily skin that does not disrupt the pH balance of the skin. 

Why Facials are Beneficial for Oily Skin?

  1. Right facial combats the oiliness, shine and acne plus the glow that you get.
  2. We can also minimize the chances of acne by using the anti-acne facials.
  3. The blemishes, dark spots and pimple marks that we have due to oiliness can also be reduced by using  appropriate facials for oily acne prone skin types.
  4. Mostly these facials will have fruit enzymes that heal the blemishes and recover the skin’s luminosity. Skin looks glowing but not greasy.
  5. Your skin looks glowing and the superb sheen which is not excess sebum.
  6. Your face looks matte and any shine that you have because of the oiliness.
  7. These are easy to use kits that can be done at home so that you will save money as well as time

Top 10 Best Home Facial Kits for Oily Skin in India with Reviews

Here is the list of the worth using facial kits that are considering good for the greasy, combination skin and for acne prone skin as well that keeps the skin oil free and matte.

1. VLCC Fruit Facial Kit  

facial kits for oily skin

VLCC Fruit Facial Kit comes with 5 steps in these five steps you can do fruit facial on your own at home. You can do the steps as per the procedure that is there on the pack. The sachets will have number so you will not face any difficulties. Fruits are enriched in the AHAs which lighten, whiten and brighten the skin. Fruits will also does gentle chemical peeling on the facial skin. This process lightens the marks and spots on the face. It is also one of the best bridal facial kits for the pre-wedding functions. Therefore, when you have blemishes due to pimples, try fruit facial kit. Even for men and women, who wish to have fairer skin can try fruit facial kits. Also check out why fruit facials are beneficial

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 2. Oriflame Sweden Pure Nature Tropical Fruits Facial Kit

facial kits for oily skin oriflame

Now, that you know how beneficial fruit facial kits can be for oily skin, here is one more kit from the Oriflame. Oriflame also makes some very natural products and this kit comprises of 4 steps only. So this is quick and saves time. The Oriflame facial kit includes products like a skin cleanser, facial scrub, facial massage cream and a face Mask. This facial kit has the fruits like papaya, guava and pineapple. For your sticky greasy skin, you can also see the best homemade face packs for black spots and dark spots.

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3. Aroma Treasures Pearl Facial Kit

facial kits for oily skin aroma treasures

Pearl is ideal for the promotion of the cells and skin’s elasticity. Hence, we can also say that pearl facial kits are good for mature skin with wrinkle. But we should also remember that pearls also give skin a beautiful glow and removes the sebum. It also decreases the melanin in the skin layers so, that the skin appears fairer. Pearl facial kit will also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which arises when we get oilier. It can also be used by the sensitive skin.

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4. VLCC Insta Glow Facial Kit

best facial kit in vlcc insta glow

VLCC home facial kits are very popular and efficient as well. I have seen that many facial kits will have very high smell etc which means they may have too many chemicals but VLCC kits are still better considering the other kits. In this list, we have included good brands only. This Insta Glow Facial Kit is mainly for the glow, like the radiance that we need before parties. This comes with a cleanser that cleanses the skin deeply. The face scrub in this herbal facial kit will scrub off the dark dull skin layer. Along with the dead skin the marks and dark spots are also lightened. The fairness gel will enhance the fairness and beauty of the skin. While the glow pack will bring a luminous glow.

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5. Aroma Treasures Skin Whitening & Brightening Facial Kit for Oily Skin

best facial kit for oily skin 3

Aroma Treasures also makes some very good facial kit that can be use at home. This is a skin whitening facial kit made for the oily skin especially for the brides-to-bes. It’s like you get rid of the excessive oil and also get fairer skin. So you get benefits of booth. But like I said fruit facial kits are also good for fairness and oily skin. It has the following contents.

  • Lavender Face Wash: Detoxifies and purifies skin. 
  • Skin Pure Cleanser: Deeply cleanses to remove excess oil and impurities from the skin.
  • Vegetable Peel: This is a natural Papaya extract enzyme peel that removes blackheads and dead skin thoroughly.
  • Neroli Water Skin Toner: Tightens the skin and reduces the pores.
  • White Glow Serum: Penetrates into the tissues to lighten skin tone.
  • Bearberry AHA Gel: Helps fade dark spots and enhances the complexion.
  • Milky White Mask: Whitening Mask to balance skin texture and lighten skin tone

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6. VLCC Silver Facial Kit  

 facial kit for oily skin vlcc silver kit

Silver is also a potential naturally occurring metal that is considered good for oily skin. Silver purifies the skin just like gold facials. It is ideal for men and women of all age groups. But it is good that we start facials after 20s. This kit for oily skin has the Silver Glow Scrub with Winter cherry extracts that helps in oil control and is an antiseptic and healing scrub. The Silver Glow Gel helps the prevention of blocked pores. Silver Glow Cream has Liquorice extracts and Silver powder that promotes fairness and the Silver Glow Pack to refine the skin pores for clear skin look.

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If you’re confused which facials you should go for then do read the different types of facials with benefits here.

7. Jovees Fruit Facial Kit

Jovees Pearl Whitening Kit

If you wish to try a fruit facial kit for some other good brand then Jovees fruit facial kit is beneficial and is a good choice. This summer facial kit has 6 steps like a cleanser, honey and almond face scrub, pine apple and papaya massaging cream, Witch hazel and basil skin toning gel, Apple and avocado fruit face pack and lastly there is tea tree and witch hazel rejuvenating face cream that is to be done at the end of the facial. If you will see this kit have all the ingredients which are widely used for oily skin care beauty products? Thus, this can be an excellent facial kits for men with oily skin and women.

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8. Nature’s Essence Papaya Facial Kit

 facial kit for oily skin nature's essence

Papaya is truly is a gem of a fruit that is great for dry skin and oily skin alike. This Papaya facial kit has the papaya enzyme that works on oily skin and gives the following benefits:

  • Cleanses the oily face and cleanse the pores. When the pores are clean less acne are formed.
  • This controls the oil.
  • This also removes the scars, marks on oily skin.
  • Papaya gently removes dead dull skin so that the oily skin appears bright.

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9. Astaberry Green Tea Facial Kit 

 facial kit for oily skin astaberry

Green tea is excellent for oily skin. It is because green tea tones the sebum loaded skin. This Green tea anti-pollution facial kit also controls the sebum by its astringent properties and gives antioxidant benefit to the skin. You will get 6 facial steps in this green tea facial kit. It heals the acne and also reduces the swelling of acne. For large pores, you can check out the best face wash for large pores in India.

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10. Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Kit

 facial kit for oily skin shahnaz hussain

Chocolate is said to be a good product for dry skin since this face fatty acid content but you should also know that chocolate is best for oily skin with pimples marks, spots, dullness etc. This facial kit regenerates the skin cell and skin look better. This procedure will impart glow and increase the skin’s appearance. When the skin is infected with acne then you can leave this kit and go for the fruit facials and the green tea or any other anti-oxidant rich kits.

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How to Use Facial kits?

Using the facial kits is pretty simple. You’ll simply not face any difficulty, if you follow the steps given on the pack. in total, you’ll have to follow the 4-6 steps that are there in these facial and it take around 30-45 minutes in to all which is ideal for even the busy working women as well. When you have responsibility of kids and home, then such facial product kits can be beneficial for home facial.

First of all, tie all your hair in a bun or use headbands, making sure that the strands do not fly over to the face. If you wish to bleach the face then do it before the facial treatments for maximum effects. Then follow the steps accordingly.

  1. Cleanser: Take the cleanser and apply on the face in a rubbing manner. Wipe off the face after few minutes. It helps to dislodge the impurities off the skin.
  2. Scrub: This step is actually is the most important a sit makes skin not just glowing but is effective to get rid of the sebum. Scrubbing make sure that the blackheads, whiteheads and hardened sebum are removed from the face.
  3. Massaging cream: Apply the massage cream and gently move the hands in circular motions. This soothes the skin and makes it glowing. You can take some rose water if the lubrication reduces.
  4. Massage gel: If there is a gel with the facial pack, then this should be used after the cream. Follow the same steps and try to make the gel get inside the skin fully.
  5. Face Pack/mask: This is also important to tighten the skin pores and to get the smooth skin. Apply the pack and rinse off after 20 minutes.

Your facial is almost complete. But follow the post facial instructions properly.

  • Never go out in the sun immediately after the facial procedure.
  • Do not use any sought of chemical loaded product and just applying a light water based moisturizer is enough.
  • Check the list of the water based moisturizers if you aren’t aware about.
  • You should avoid applying heavy makeup suing water proof base products.
  • Do not use ace washes and cleanser for the next 5-6 hours.

When to do the facials when the skin is oily or acne prone?

These can be used once in a month to make the skin not just glowing but healthy looking. You can even decrease the frequency by 3 weeks. If you feel rashes or redness by any of the facials then stop doing that and apply ice cubes immediately.

So, this is how you can easily do home facials to get benefits for your oily skin. Also, this is the list of the best facial kits for oily skin available in India. Have you used any of these?

If you have any queries, do comments and I’ll reply soon!

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