10 Best Nutrients for Hair loss, Hair and Hair Regrowth

10 Best Nutrients for Hair loss, Hair and Hair Regrowth

Nowadays, hair loss has become the common problem which most of us go through. There are many causes of hair loss for different people such as medication, hormonal imbalance, poor diet, vitamin deficiency, styling or coloring etc. But, you do not have to worry about it as you can still manage to take of your hair by avoiding the activities which you can and by adding some supplements to your diet. Nutrients can really help in achieving those healthy, stronger and shinier looking hair as it nourishes your hair from inside out and helps in faster hair growth. These supplements are made by various brands like Vitamin A supplements, Vitamin B complex or biotin supplements that you can take to improve the quality of the hair and to control the hair fall. As just applying the anti hair fall shampoo, anti hair fall oils on the scalp will not work well if you are not giving the nutrients to the body. Hence, giving the proper required elements is a must have. Let’s see friends which are these vitamins, minerals etc or best foods for hair loss that you must take to ensure great hair and no hair loss.

Best Supplements for hair loss and regrowth which you should take

1. Vitamin A for Hair Loss

Vitamin A is rich in anti-oxidant and it can be found in sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, kale, swiss chard, beet greens, asparagus, papaya, pink grapefruit, apricots, mangoes, tomato, watermelon, eggs etc. You can include these in your diet to get that natural form of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps in secretion of scalp oil which is necessary to keep the scalp moisturized. Without this hair becomes dry and brittle and scalp tends to have dandruff which is not good for healthy hair.

2. Vitamin B Complex for Hair Loss

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Vitamin B is a brain food and thus acts as a stress buster. It is really important for our red blood corpuscles and nerve functioning. But Vitamin B is not just a single vitamin but there are several vitamins like Vitamin B2, B6, B12 that helps to make the vitamin B complex and all these Vitamins in this B complex helps to mate the hair hair loss minimized. So, if you wish to control the hair loss, inclusion of B complex vitamins is a must have in your diet. It can be found in bananas, potatoes, summer squash, oats, kidney beans, almonds, beef, salmon, eggs, chicken etc. It is also one of the best ingredients for hair loss cure.

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3. Vitamin C for Hair Health

Vitamin C is necessary to prevent many health problems. Vitamin C rich in anti-oxidants and helps in building healthy collagen which is important for hair growth and to prevent hair loss. It can be found in strawberries, guava, oranges, lemon, sweet lime, grapefruit, kiwifruit, melon, bell pepper, radish, collard greens, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts etc.

4. Vitamin D

We can’t even imagine a day without sun so, why to forget the benefits of sun rays. Vitamin D is important for a healthy body. Its deficiency gives rise to bone related problems and hair loss too. So, just spend some time under sun in the morning time to soak up the goodness of this vitamin. You can also have Vitamin D capsules after consulting with your doctor.

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5. Vitamin E 

Vitamin E is really good for the skin, hair, eyes and immunity as it is moisturizing and also helps in good blood circulation. It can be found in sunflower seeds, vegetable oils, peanuts, avocado, almond, hazelnuts, soybean oil etc.

6. Zinc for Hair 

Zinc deficiency can give rise to dry scalp, dandruff, dull hair, premature graying, it can make your immune system weak which can affect your hormones and overall health. It can be found in pumpkin seeds, yeast, egg yolks, shrimp, red meats, poultry, liver, wheat germ, etc. You can also consult your doctor for a dietary supplement.

7. Folic Acid for Hair Fall

Folic acid doesn’t just helps in hair loss problems but, also work on hair thinning problems too. It can be found in dairy products, fish, frozen peas, boiled asparagus, mushrooms, cooked lentils etc. Also see: The best remedies for Female Hair loss

8. Saw Palmetto

 As we talked about it earlier in one post. This herb is really beneficial in hair loss problems. It can be taken in liquid extract form, capsules, tablets, tea with a good diet rich in fats because, this herb is fat soluble.

9. Biotin for Hair 

Biotin is really popular among hair care lovers! It is one of the best nutrients that can be found in eggs, nuts, legumes, whole grains, meat etc. The best way is to have it in tablet as prescribed by your doctor. It doesn’t just works on your hair growth but, also on your skin and nails as well.

10. Protein

Protein is important for a strong and healthy body. It is popular among athletes, players and body builders. It can be found in quinoa, spinach, broccoli, eggs, yogurts, pistachio etc. For healthy and strong hair protein intake is must.

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