10 Best Rose Water Brands in India

Best Rose Water Brands in India

Rose water is made by steeping the rose petals in water. This process gives the water infused with the rose extracts. Clearly, rose water is used in a lot of skin care products to get its multiple benefits like healing sun burn, making skin glow and to cleanse the skin well. Rose water is also known to give suppleness to your skin. Rose water is very commonly used to mix the face packs which are in powder forms. This is also used for cleansing the makeup, dirt and dust off the face. Rose water is excellent to wipe off the face, during the day when you can’t wash the face. Cleansing the face with rose water, help to keep the skin pores clean and skin looks fresh.

10 Best Rose Water Brands in India

10 Best Rose Water Brands in India with price

Here, I’ve compiled a list of best rose waters in India that can be tried in skin care rituals and beauty recipes with rose water.

1. Dabur Gulabari Rose Water

Dabur Gulabari Rose Water

Dabur Gulabari Rose Water has the essence of roses which cleanses, moisturizes and serves as a skin toner. This is gentle for sensitive skin and is for 35 rupees for a small pack. Rose water is excellent to rejuvenate the dull and tired face at the end of the day. Prices can change therefore, please check that.

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2. Banjara’s Rose Water

banjara rose water

Banjaras premium rose water is formulated with the purified water and is enriched with pure rose oil. This can be used to cleanse the face or to wipe off the makeup residue on the face. This can also be used to make paste of the powdery face packs like neem powder pack or multani mitti packs. This rose water is priced 80 rupees for 240 ml pack.

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3. VLCC Rose Water Toner

VLCC Rose Water Toner

VLCC rose water has the skin healing and skin rejuvenating properties like any other rose water. This is priced at 125 rupees for 100 ml bottle. This can be used by men and women in their skin care routines to cleanse the face. Rose water is also known to temporarily tighten the skin pores. Enriched with natural rose extracts, this makes the skin softer and clearer. 

4. Avera Rose Water

Avera Rose Water

This rose water is made with the pure distilled water with rose petals. This removes the dead skin cells without being harsh on the skin. It improves the natural texture of the skin by hydrating it deeply. This rose water from Avera is priced at 150 rupees for 100 ml.

5. Oilcraft Naturals Rose Water Facial Mist

Oilcraft Naturals Rose Water Facial Mist

This rose water from Oilcarft comes in a spray bottle therefore, is easy to use. You can also put other rose water in the spray bottles as well. This rose water can be sprayed directly on the face and then wiped off with a cotton pad to get a fresher looking clean skin instantly. This Oilcraft rose water in India is priced at 400 rupees for 200 ml.

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6. Dabur Rose Glow Face Cleanser

Dabur Rose Glow Face Cleanser

This is a glow face cleanser which also comes in a spray bottle. This is more of a cleanser since that has to be sprayed on the face then wipe off. This takes off dirt, dead skin and also makes the facial skin smoother. This is for 70 rupees. I’ve used this product multiple times friends, and really liked this.

7. Oriflame Pure Nature Rose Extracts Refreshing Rose Water

Oriflame Pure Nature Rose Extracts Refreshing Rose Water

This Oriflame rose water is light and pure which tones and tightens the skin. This is infused with the fresh rose petals extracts which are rich in antioxidants to keep the skin smooth and feel fresh. This oriflame rose water is priced at 129 rupees.

8. KAMA Ayurveda Pure Rose water

KAMA Ayurveda Pure Rosewater

KAMA Ayurveda Pure Rosewater is made from the fresh roses of Kannauj. This rose water is formulated with the steam water distillation process which ensures a high level of hygiene and purity. This rose water serves as a natural toner and astringent for the skin. This is safe for all the skin types and also aids in getting rid of the dullness and dryness of the skin. This balances the natural skin pH balance of skin and is for 250 rupees for 50 ml. It’s my all time favorite rose water.  

9. Patanjali Gulab Jal

Divya Patanjali Gulab Jal

Patanjali Divya Gulab Jal is the cheapest rose water. We think this has more of the water content in it then the rose extracts. But this is good for using in daily skin care routine like for cleansing the skin, mixing with skin creams to massage the face. You can also check the best face massage creams in India.

10. Lass Naturals Lass Rose Water

Lass Naturals Lass Rose Water

This rose water from Lass natural is good to freshen up the dull tired skin and to cleanse the face. This is a natural facial skin toner which is also used to mix in the face masks and packs like with banana, papaya etc.

These are the best rose water brands available  in India. You can try rose water in multiple ways but make sure you use a high quality product and not some perfumed water. 

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