Top 10 Best Readymade Sandalwood Face Packs in India (2022)

10 Best Sandalwood Face Packs in India

10 best sandalwood face packs in india

Sandalwood is such a great skin soothing and cooling ingredient. Sandalwood which is known as Chandan in Hindu is of great benefits not only for beauty but sandalwood is used in religious purposes as well. This is considered sacred and brings positivity. Sandalwood can be an excellent ingredient to include in our beauty regimen. Do you know why? This is because sandalwood is capable of healing the skin and also give skin lightening benefits. You may have also heard about the ancient people using sandalwood face packs and beauty treatments for whitening the skin. Sandalwood is safe to be applied on sensitive skin that is prone to rashes, acne redness etc. Here we have compiled a list of best sandalwood face packs and mask that are available in India so, that you should not get confused as to which are the good sandalwood packs available in market. Okay, so let’s see what are those sandalwood readymade packs. You can also read about the homemade face packs with sandalwood that I had written about earlier. :D

Benefits of using Sandalwood Face Packs and Masks

These face packs will heal the skin and gives cooling so that the skin stays free from the summer rashes and redness.

Sandalwood lightens the skin and brightens it.

This also fades and lightens the skin blemishes that can be in the form of dark spots, age spots, brown spots, discoloration, pigmentation, acne scars, marks etc.

In summers, sandalwood face packs will bring glow to the skin.

These packs are good for all the skin types to boost the skin toning and texture.

Best Readymade Sandalwood Face Packs and Mask in India

Khadi Rose & Sandalwood Face Pack  

khadi best sandalwood face pack india

When rose and sandalwood mixes then this makes a good combination to naturally whiten the skin. This facial pack will sooth the irritated skin in summers. This Khadi rose and sandalwood face pack has aloe vera and turmeric as well. These ingredients too would help to cool and sooth the skin. Turmeric which we call haldi will boost the skin’s fairness. This can be used by boys as well. This natural facial pack is for 190 rupees. Read about how to make glowing skin face packs in summers

Banjaras Multani With Sandal

 sandalwood face pack 4

If your skin is oily, then you can try a combination of sandalwood  with multani mitti. Multani mitti or fuller’s earth is an excellent naturally occurring product that will absorb the excessive oils. The minerals in the multani mitti will heal and rejuvenate the dull, oily skin. This also helps in curing the marks and blemishes on the face.  This will soak up the too much sebum that comes on the face and skin feels clearer. This face packs with sandalwood and multani mitti will cost 45 rupees. This is in the powder form that you can mix with either plain water, rose water or with milk. Rose water is the best though.

Forest Essentials Tejasvi Facial Ubtan

sandalwood face pac 6

People who like natural ubtans, can try Forest Essentials Tejasvi facial ubtan. This ubtan is a blend of natural herbal ingredients like Kasturi Manjal, Neem leaves, Chirongi seed, Milk cream, fennel seeds, Pittapapada, nut grass, apricot oil, saffron and sandalwood oil along with other herbal ingredients. This ubtan is truly a very luxurious treat to the skin since the ingredients in this ubtan will naturally boost the skin’s collagen making the skin appear youthful and brighter.

Nyah Sandalwood Almond Face Mask

nyah herbals sandalwood face pack

Nyah is a herbal brand and this face mask with sandalwood and almond is efficient combination to impart natural fairness and glow to the skin. We all know that almonds or badam is great to cure the dark spots, skin aging and liens and wrinkles. Almond and sandalwood will enhance the skin complexion by decreasing the tanning and sun burning also. This is a premade sandalwood face pack that needs not to be mixed in anything. This will be in paste form that you have to take out and apply on the face.

Vaadi Herbals Chandan Kesar Haldi Face Pack

vaadi sandalwood face pack

Vaadi herbals sandalwood face pack is a blend of powerful skin lightening agents like turmeric, sandalwood , saffron. These 3 ingredients re used in most of the beauty treatment products that are made for skin whitening. And in this face pack we have got all the three ingredients. This face masks gives slight tingling sensation once used which is normal though. This facial pack with sandalwood costs 90 rupees.

Nature’s Glow and Bridal Pack with Rose and Sandalwood Oil  

nature's essence sandalwood face pack

If you would be a bride soon then Nature’s Glow brings to you this Bridal glow pack which is infused with the goodness of the sandalwood oil and rose. This boosts the glow for brides and increases the fairness. A bride needs two things glow and fairness and this face pack does both. But to get the maximum benefits you should use this at least a month in advance to your wedding as it takes time for the results to show up.

Joy Kesar Chandan Fairness

joy sandalwood face pack

This sandalwood fairness face pack from joy is rich in sandalwood and saffron. Saffron or kesar is used by many women who want fairer skin tone. This will also prevent and minimize the skin discoloration and hyper pigmentation.

TVAM Sandalwood Face Pack

tvam sandalwood face pack

This Tvam face pack has the ingredients like neem, basil, lodhra, Tulsi, turmeric, barberry, sandalwood and multani mitti. Bu the first few ingredients you may have understood, that this face pack will be excellent for the oily and acne prone skin. Since the ingredients like neem, Tulsi, turmeric basil etc are very good for the natural treatment of pimples and rashes and blemishes on the face.  This improves the skin complexion and any discoloration. This face pack with Ayurvedic ingredients will also enhance the skin’s texture and tone.

Herbal Roots Skin Care Sandalwood Face pack

herbal roots sandalwood face pack

Herbal Roots Sandalwood face pack claims to be a 100% natural beauty product. This is enriched with ingredients that makes this face pack smell exotic and amazing. This clears the skin and work wonders on the tan, pimples, zits and spots on the skin. This is a face pack with sandalwood that is suitable for the all skin types. The natural ingredients gives it antiseptic, astringent, anti inflammatory properties to a beautiful looking skin.

Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Face Pack

khadi sandalwood face pack

Other than the rose and sandalwood  face pack, Khadi herbals also makes this sandalwood powder face pack. This has the sandalwood powder, ocium basilacum and neem to give skin clarity and fairness. This gets rid of the dead skin cells on the uppermost skin layer s that the skin look healthy, glowing and fairer.

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